Hockey Canada vs Germany Full Match Highlights: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Canada vs Germany Full Match Highlights – In this match of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Canada and Germany teams were face to face. This match was being played in Oi Hockey Stadium South Pitch. This stadium is located in Shinagawa City, Yashio, Japan.

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First Half Canada 1-4 Germany

From the first half, the German team completely dominated this game. Lukas scored the first goal in the 11th minute to give his team a 1-0 lead in the opening moments.

Soon Canada also made a comeback in this game. Gabriel Wing-Chuen’s goal in the 16th minute took Canada to a 1-1 draw.

But this happiness of Canada did not last long. The German team completely broke the Canadian team’s dream of winning this game by scoring 3 goals one after the other. Jan Christopher scored two goals in the 22nd and 25th minutes and Lukas scored another goal in the 28th minute.

These goals gave Germany a 4-1 lead in the first half.

Second Half Canada 1-7 Germany

The story of the second half also remained exactly like the first half. In this half too, Germany continued to attack Canada’s goal. Martin Dominik got another chance to score in the 44th minute and he scored the fifth goal for his team.

Niklas scored another goal for Germany in the 59th minute. This goal gave Germany a 6–1 lead in this game. Not only this, the second half was about to end that in the 60th minute Mats Jurgen scored one more goal. And this game was won by Germany by 7-1.

Hockey Canada vs Germany Full Match Highlights: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Canada vs Germany Highlights

Germany fully dominate this game. Germany easily defeated Canada in this game by 7-1.


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