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People need entertainment to relax during stressful times. Movies are a great source of entertainment. It is likely that people will go to the movies when they have time to entertain themselves or have a break from work. Even in digital age, you can even watch movies from your home via various apps and websites like Tamilrockers.

What if we get the chance to watch the new movies free of charge?

There are many websites that offer the ability to download the most recent movies online. Tamilrockers is one such site. It offers users the opportunity to download a wide range of music, movies, and TV programs completely free. However, the government banned it due to the piracy issue.

Cybersecurity and the government have become very strict against piracy. It can be difficult to find a site where we can free download movies and web series. It is worth looking at the situation from another angle. The entertainment industry is losing huge amounts of revenue due to these websites. This is why Tamilrockers website has been banned by the Indian government. Tamilrockers was responsible to leaking movies before their official release.

Are you struggling to access Tamilrockers, and are you searching for other ways to unblock Tamilrockers. Even though Tamilrockers have been banned by the government, there are still a few ways to access Tamilrockers. The best way to access Tamilrockers is by proxy or mirror site. Tamilrockers proxy sites provide similar content to Tamilrockers’ site. The only difference between them is the domain name.

Tamilrockers is currently unavailable in India and other countries. Many sites now use proxy and mirror sites. You can download files from several Tamilrockers proxy sites. You can download music, videos leaked, and even TV shows. Use Tamilrockers proxy websites to easily unblock Tamilrockers. You can also download movies.

Do not worry! This blog will be discussing Tamilrockers, Tamilrockers proxy site, and how to unblock Tamilrockers with different methods.

What are Tamilrockers?

TamilRockers movies, a network for recording smuggling, was founded in 2011. It became India’s biggest pirated content provider site later. Tamilrockers allows you to easily find any pirated movie or music. It not only offers Bollywood and Tollywood movies but also leaked movies, clips, and other material. Tamilrockers provides original English audio as well as Bollywood, Tollywood and Hollywood movies dubbed into a regional language like Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu.

The site uses magnet links and torrents to let visitors search for and then download copyrighted content. Internet service providers in India were instructed to stop access to Tamilrockers.

Why Tamilrockers were banned in India

Tamilrockers published a wide range of pirated content. This included songs, new movies and even unofficially released movies. This caused a significant loss in the earnings of the original content creator. Therefore, government officials banned the use of Tamilrockers.

It is now difficult for government to stop pirate content access by the majority of viewers who use Tamilrockers proxy, mirror, and VPN sites. The functionality of Tamilrockers proxy is similar to other torrent proxy websites. Access to the site is free with Tamilrockers proxy.

What is VPN?

How did Tamilrockers’ website work?

Tamilrockers puts a copy of a similar Tamil movie online before it releases. This is embarrassing because it adversely affects the film’s total revenues.

Tamilrockers is available to those who do not want to pay the exorbitant Rs 120-200, or other outrageous fees to view the latest Tamil film in a cinema on the very first day.

According to many sources, Tamilrockers include contributors from the Tamil film industry as well. After filming a movie in local cinemas, they upload the print to its website. Each member is paid according to how many times the print has been downloaded.

The URL of the webpage can change constantly. If a URL is removed by law enforcement agencies in a particular country, the URL of the website changes.

What are Proxy Sites?

It’s an application or equipment that acts like a middleman between the destination site and other sites. The customer benefits from a free web proxy service, which hides the source and identity of the request to its destination. Proxy sites are a way for users to surf the internet anonymously. They hide their identity online.

You simply need to copy the URL for the site you wish to visit and paste it into the search box of the proxy websites. The Tamilrockers proxy list can be found even after you are banned. You will then have access to the most recent movies, songs, and other information.

Can government also ban Tamilrockers mirror/proxy sites?

Proxy sites are not all blocked as new proxy websites appear each day. It works in the same way as Tamilrockers mirrors sites. If you cannot access TamilRockers.com, use the Tamilrockers proxy or the mirror site. If you are having trouble with the government in future, it’s best that you try another server. There is some discrepancy in data transmission speed and ping speed between different servers. If there is a security concern with any proxy sites, the Government will ban them.

How to Unblock Tamilrockers

Here are the main methods of unblocking Tamilrockers. We’ll be discussing Tamilrockers proxy, Tamilrockers VPN, Tamilrockers VPN free, Tamilrockers VPN Tor browser and Tamilrockers DNS modification method. These four methods will be briefly discussed.

  1. Proxy Sites to Unblock Tamilrockers

Many Tamilrockers proxy websites have appeared on the market since the ban on Tamilrockers. These sites offer similar content as the popular site Tamilrockers. These proxy sites allow you to access Tamilrockers easily by using free Tamilrockers.

Follow these steps to easily unblock Tamilrockers, and access proxy websites.

  • First, you will need to access any Tamilrockers proxy site by using a browser that is part of the Tamilrockers proxy list.
  • Copy the URL link to the proxy site from below. Paste it into the URL box and confirm.
  • Now, you can successfully access the Tamilrockers proxy website.

Proxy Site allows you to unblock Tamilrockers and access them. A private proxy server can hide your IP address. Most cases these proxies conceal their unique IP address. They serve it from high speed cloud servers which are their unique address. Then they release it online with multiple addresses.

Proxy List for Tamilrockers 2021

Many proxy sites are available on the internet for Tamilrockers users, and they can all access content similar to Tamilrockers after the site was banned. Here are some popular proxy websites:


It is one the most well-known proxy sites of Tamilrockers. It looks very similar to Tamilrockers and has all the data of Tamilrockers.


This site is, by far, the best after the original. It contains everything users could need. You will find the most recent movies, TV shows and songs as well as web series. Users will find it very easy to use because of its excellent user interface.


This proxy site can be used as a mirror site for Tamilrockers because it provides many features. This site contains the most recent TV episodes and online series as well songs. Instead of downloading the entire show directly, users can use magnet hyperlinks to search and download their favorites.


This Tamilrockers proxy website is worth a look. It has everything that Tamilrockers does. Clear print allows you to watch all the latest Hollywood, Bollywood and Tamil movies. You can also watch movies in dubbed or subtitled versions.


Tamilrockers also offers a free proxy site. Here you will find the majority of original content. You will not have any trouble downloading the majority of the latest movies.


Mirror sites can display vast content using US servers. It is possible to run this site via a US server. There are no restrictions. Similar to other mirror websites, it contains all the original site’s content and may include the latest TV series and movies. Its extensive information base makes it a popular choice among its users.


The Tamilrockers mirror website is quite popular with users. This site has the most recent content and can be downloaded very quickly. This was one the first Tamilrockers proxy websites. Here you will find torrent files more than any of the other Tamilrockers mirror websites.


This Tamilrockers proxy site is also excellent. Tamilrockers.ws contains all the latest movies and videos. You can access this mirror site to get free movies fast and without any hassle.


This site offers users access to the most recent movies, programs, music, etc. It means you don’t have a lot of time searching for the right material.

You can also access these proxy sites from Tamilrockers:

  • https://tamilrockers.mrunlock.red/
  • https://tamilrockers.unblockproject.pro/
  • https://tamilrockers.proxybit.pro/
  • http://tamilrockers.ws/
  • https://tamilrockers.123unblock.fun
  • https://freeproxy.win
  • https://videounblocker.net/
  • https://www.croxyproxy.com/
  • https://getfoxyproxy.org/hidester.com
  • https://www.vpnbook.com/
  • https://whoer.net/vpn
  • https://www.megaproxy.com/
  • https://zend2.com/

Get a VPN for free to unblock Tamilrockers

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are one of the most secure ways to access banned sites. They keep your identity from the ISP. It not only protects your identity, but also adds an extra layer of security to your computer.

A VPN service is required to allow you to access mirror sites and to watch the most recent movies without paying. There are many VPN add-ons available for free on the Chrome Store. You can unblock Tamilrockers by installing a VPN, and you will be able to watch all the latest movies in your browser.

You can find out how to use VPN here

  • First, download a VPN and install it
  • Your VPN installed on your computer should be enabled
  • Connect your server and a VPN server
  • Now you can easily open Tamilrockers, or any mirror site

You can use both free and paid VPNs to protect your identity. However, a free VPN can slow down your movie download speeds. You should choose a VPN provider carefully. While a premium subscription might be more expensive than a free one, it will provide faster browsing and downloading speeds.

You can also use VPNs on both your PC and smartphone through the App Stores.

Tor Web Browser can unblock Tamilrockers

You might not be familiar with Tor Web Browser. Tor Browser is protected against logging, surveillance and censorship by an independent non-profit organization called the “Tor Project”. It uses the onion routing technique to allow anonymous internet access.

Tor Browser relays your traffic and encrypts it multiple times across Tor’s volunteer servers. This allows for anonymous browsing. Tor lets you visit any website including Tamilrockers proxy websites and Tamilrockers sites which are restricted or blocked by your ISP.

Follow these steps to gain access to blocked sites like Tamilrockers.

  • Tor Browser on your Device
  • Zip Folder from Your Device
  • Do it step-by-step correctly
  • Get Access Now

You can use Tor to access the Tamilrockers website. We also recommend using a VPN to protect your computer.

You can unblock Tamilrockers by modifying DNS servers

You can unblock Tamilrockers by changing your DNS numbers. And you can remove Tamilrockers sites by altering your network settings or DNS servers on either your computer or laptop.

These steps will allow you to easily modify DNS settings on your computer or laptop using the steps discussed below.

  • Click on Start Menu, then press Control Panel
  • Now press Network & Internet, then open Network and Sharing Center. Next, modify adapter settings
  • Right-click on Internet Connection for Whom you are Connected. Select Properties
  • Search Internet Protocol Version 4 and Choose Properties. Visit IPv4 Protocol
  • To manually visit the DNS Server address, click the icon “Use these DNS Server addresses”. Modify DNS server Address.


Tamilrockers is a very popular website for movie lovers. But, because of concerns about piracy, it was removed from many countries. People can easily access the latest movies without paying anything. This leads to huge revenue losses for the entertainment sector.

People can still access Tamilrockers using proxy sites or other methods. Now, you can access Tamilrockers proxy sites and Tamilrockers mirror websites. All of the above methods can be used for accessing the Tamilrockers site.

The list of Tamilrockers Proxy Mirrors and Proxy Sites is hoped to be useful. This URL can be saved for future reference.

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