The integral part of any business is understanding finance as it is related to every financial activity at the core of the running business. The prime goal is the maximization of the profitability and value of the business. It can be done through accurate planning and implementation of relevant resources. Online combo finance courses encourage individuals to improve their financial literacy.

Whether it is an entrepreneur or any other individual looking for ways to improve their finances, Elearnmarkets offers some of the best combo finance courses for all interested people, be they a student, a trader, investor, entrepreneur, or a corporate professional.

Benefits of Understanding Finance

Combo Finance Courses by Anil Lamba

A popular combo finance course by Anil Lamba on Elearnmnarkets offers a better understanding of the responsibility of fund flow and ratio analysis for evaluating a company’s financial performance.

This course aims to make every participant understand the techniques and tools required to assess corporate performance and have an in-depth knowledge of the strategic issues usually faced in financial sourcing and financial statements.

The participants will be able to gain proper knowledge about various ratios and roles in the analysis of financial statements and related financial activities within the organization.

Objectives and benefits of the combo finance course

In any business organization, the decision-makers are mostly concerned with its performance. They are always looking for ways to increase the profitability and efficiency of the business. Hence, financial ratio analysis and fund flow analysis are standard tools for senior management to achieve their set goals.

The instructor, Anil Lamba, has adequate experience in finance and understands the challenges of finance management. In addition, the participants will get access to related webinars that the Kredent Academy conducts over a period of two months. This course will offer an in-depth understanding of equity and leverage analysis trading. Hence, the course is suitable for any entrepreneur, executive, or manager.

Areas covered within the Combo Finance Courses

Finance courses are offered in India that relates to the following areas:

  1. Personal finance – Participants learn how to create a personal financial statement, analyze the finances and receive advice don management of the fianced in order to meet the financial goals.
  2. Corporate finance – Students learn to maximize the wealth of a company’s shareholders by sourcing the capital and learning their best to deploy the capital for maximizing profits in the long run.

Besides, there is international finance, specialized finance, and financial management. The following areas cover the combo finance courses related to finance management.


Every decision taken within a business or organization undergoes rigorous scrutiny. The non-finance individuals tend to focus on the marketing and technical aspects of running a business, neglecting financial management as a whole. This course aims to focus on the same – management of finances. Some of the areas focused on within this course are as follows:

Understanding financial statements

The focus is on introducing the two basic financial statements, profit and loss accounts and balance sheet, and understanding why they are made. Of course, the objective of running any business is to make a sheer profit.

It will be difficult to understand the possible profit or loss of a business is the financial information isn’t compiled and presented in a profit and loss account. However, this course easily explains how to create such accounts even if the individual has zero knowledge about accounting.

Profit concept

This module focuses on the concept of profit that it goes far beyond the basic concept of income minus money going out and more of excess of income over the expenses made.

The concept of profit is explained using cases that indicate consumption to determine whether the money spent is an expense or a created asset. Finally, the logic and concept of depreciation is used to deal with this module.


The ratio and funds analysis offers a comprehensive understanding of the role of flow analysis and ratio analysis in evaluating a firm’s financial performance. The course will help realize the danger of the figure, profit, and its impact on the profit inventory.

It will help learners to evaluate the fund flow statements with practical instances. Opt for this course to imbibe a great understanding of a company’s financial performance and take any relevant vital decisions with ease. Some of the topics of this course are:

Ratio Analysis

Ratio analysis offers a better interpretation of the company’s finances from the available raw data. In addition, it helps to get actionable inputs on the overall performance.

Different financial ratios like liquidity ratios, leverage ratios, valuation ratios, and performance ratios offer different aspects of a business’s financial health. It may range from managing and covering its debt to how to utilize the assets.

Ratio analysis helps in some areas: planning, forecasting, budgeting, measuring operational efficiency, controlling performance cost, indicating long-term solvency position and liquidity position, and the overall profitability within the business or company.

Fund Flow Analysis

A funds flow statement indicates the applications and sources of funds. It reveals the sources from which the fund is made, and its purpose within the organization/ It offers a facilitative comparison between the inflow and outflow funds in two different time periods. Besides, it shows any changes in the organization’s financial position.

A fund flow statement reveals the funds’ application in different aspects of the business. It is beneficial to point out the financial strengths weakness of the company. Understanding fund flow analysis will help to recognize any change in assets and their resources evident within the financial or income statement of the company.


Trading with the help of equity and analysis is a course designed to allow participants to learn about the financial tips, tricks, and strategies necessary for successfully running a business.

The intent of the program, equity and leverage analysis is to make the participant understand the techniques and tools essential for assessing corporate performance. It talks about the details of the strategic and important issues encountered in financial statements. Common areas to be focused on within this course are:

Trading on equity

It is basically a corporate action that involves the company raising more debt to boost the return on investments, especially for equity shareholders.

Following this financial leverage process helps a company generate more returns on investments made. If the company cannot generate higher rates of return compared to the cost of debt, the equity shareholders may earn lower returns.

In this course, this module will introduce the principles of marginal costing. It offers an idea of the impact of a certain funding pattern on a business’s profitability. The emphasis is on the urgency of the key executives and business leaders to possess the ability to understand a company’s bottom line by simply knowing the peak line rather than waiting for accountants to let them know as well as techniques to execute it.

Leverage analysis

In the capital structure, the owner’s equity is used with funds with fixed-charge sources like debt, and preference capital is termed gearing or financial leverage. Financial analysis is conducted for the sole reason of understanding the level of risk that is associated with taking a financing decision.

Usually, there are three types of leverages: operating leverage, financial leverage, and combined leverage. In the context of financial management, leverage denotes the inordinate impact on the company’s profit due to specific changes in sales.

Bottom Line

By far, finance management courses are the most sought-after finance course available in India. It is due to the increasing demand of finance professionals in business. And, comprehensive combo finance courses are all what an expert need to improve his knowledge and skills. Success and profitability of a company is depended on its ability to manage finances effectively. What’s a better way to make the most out of the available finance course at Elearnmarkets. Enroll today and become the best finance management professional in the market.

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