Best apps for making Paytm cash

Today, you will learn about the top 5 greatest fast free Paytm cash earning applications with proof in 2021 in this article. If you download these apps, you will be able to withdraw your profits instantly to your Paytm wallet.

When we have a lot of free time, we can use it to generate some passive income by using some of the finest Paytm cash-earning applications.

You can earn Paytm cash by downloading and recommending friends to the apps listed below. To be honest, this is not a long-term money-making option, but it can be profitable for a short period of time. So, let’s have a look at the instant Paytm cash earning apps listed below in 2021.


To earn Paytm money, you can participate in Changa’s Live stream feature. To use the feature, you’ll need a significant number of followers on your Changa account. Those users are welcome to come in and perform live. Coins are an option in the top left corner for users. Their admirers will reward them with coins that can be exchanged for real money based on their performance.

Creators can make money by using coins in the Live streaming feature, and after they have accumulated 1000 coins, they can redeem them for money in their Paytm wallet. This is how people may make money by utilizing the Changa app to live stream.

Download – Changa App

Big Cash

This app was first released in India a year ago. By registering, playing games, and referring a friend, you can get endless free Paytm cash using this app.

The interesting features of this app drew a lot of attention. You can easily take what you have earned from as little as 20 in your Paytm wallet. The person who signs up for the Big Cash App will receive an Rs. 10 bonus, while the referrer will receive an Rs. 11 bonus. The good news is that you can withdraw the whole amount to your Paytm wallet. Watch hot live streaming apps.

Local Vocal

This is a news-gathering app. You may read news from all over India on this app. You will receive an Rs. 5 registration incentive if you download the app. Also for your information, every new referral on this app will help you make at least Rs. 20.

You can withdraw your profits to your Paytm wallet if you have Rs. 20 in your Local Vocal wallet. You must refer a large number of friends to earn extra Paytm cash with this app. Since you can quickly deposit your Free Paytm Cash profits into your Paytm wallet on a daily basis.

Vision 11 Fantasy Game

Vision11 is India’s fastest-growing fantasy app. On this app, we may play fantasy sports such as cricket, football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball. This app was first released in India two years ago. It has considerably improved ever since. 

To participate in the sweepstakes, a new user will receive a $300 signup incentive. To receive this SignUp incentive, you must first validate your mobile number and email address using an OTP. Vision11 has a wonderful referral program. If you have a group of friends who play fantasy sports on a regular basis, you have a wonderful potential to make daily free Paytm cash without having to pay a single rupee. You will get to keep this amount till whenever you want to. You can also check paytm cash earning apps.


In India, RozDhan is a well-known Paytm cash-earning app. We can use this software to download videos, play games, refer friends, and watch videos, among other things. From the RozDhan earning app, there are two ways to earn Paytm cash. Playing games, watching movies, or referring friends are all ways to make money.

RozDhan just updated this app to include a news section. This app now allows you to read trending articles as well as view videos. You will receive Rs. 25 payback if you refer your friends to download RozDhan. This money can be withdrawn from your Paytm wallet.

Bonus Application: Paytm First Games

This is Paytm’s official gaming app. We can engage in fantasy, rummy, racing, and other traditional activities. It began as standard gaming software, but after a few months, it evolved into a fantasy and rummy game. The reason it’s unavailable for download on the Google Play Store. Sachin Tendulkar is the Paytm First Games App’s brand ambassador.

Playing games and referring friends are two ways we can make money. You may also get up to 10k money if you refer your friends to install and play games on the Paytm First Games app. This equilibrium can be employed in games. You can use your entire balance to enter a contest.

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