Best 5 Tips for How To Keep Your Scooter In Good Shape!

You have a new electric scooter, and you are excited. Afterward, your e-scooter may get damaged due to a lack of proper maintenance. Electric scooter in London is not so cheap that anyone can afford them anytime. So, it would be best if you were careful about maintaining your e-scooter to keep it in good shape. 

Indeed, you want to enjoy riding for a long time and properly utilise your invested money. It’s difficult at all if you don’t follow proper maintenance tips. 

Are you worried about how to do this? No worries, here this article will inform you about it. So, continue reading this article till the end. 

Best 5 Tips To Keep Your E-Scooter In Good Shape: Must-Know!

As an e-scooter owner, you must know the best five maintenance tips. Thus, you can save yourself from sudden fizzles and increase your scooter’s safety. Let’s start. 

Tightening The Joints

To avoid unwanted conditions, ensure the tightness of all the joints & bolts before you ride. It takes only a few minutes and tremendously decreases the chances of accidents. Moreover, it increases the reliability of your scooter. 

Never forget to check the bolts on the stem, joints of the brake system, the stand is connected well, and the rapid-release levers. 

Checking And Adjusting The Headset

Checking and adjusting the headset is a must for your scooter safety. Headset ensures the smooth bending of the handlebar that joins the onwards fork to the body. There are threaded one and A-head headsets found in Yedoo scooters. 

Threaded Headset

It would help if you had nuts on the onwards pipe to balance the threaded headset. Manage two special thin keys to balance the threaded headset. The size varies depending on the scooter. In the case of kids’ scooters, the size is 32mm. But for the adult scooters, the size is 36mm.  

No worries if you don’t have these keys. You can get help from the experts in electric scooter London. They do the job perfectly. 

A-Head Headset

Use a screw on the higher coverage of the headset for the effective smoothness of the handlebar. You should not tight it so much or so little. You can easily understand the looseness of the head pipe by hearing a sound at the time of braking. 

Too much tightness of a screw is a barrier to the smooth performance of the handlebar. Hex key number 5 is needed for the tightening or loosening of the screw. 

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Checking The Brakes

Checking the brakes is crucial to ensure that they are functioning properly or not. There are a few steps to check the brakes. 

Adjusting Brake Levers

The brake levers normally work for the first half of tension. The brakes are not functioning when you need to pull the levers fully to the handlebar. You have to strengthen or minimise the brake thread. Make sure both levers are in a similar location. 

Checking The V-brake

Your v-brakes don’t work properly if the brake pads don’t touch the brake area of the edge during braking. It occurs when the brake pads are not high enough. Keep the brake pads in the right position when they don’t back up adequately. 

Mechanic Disc Brakes

You only need to observe the mechanic’s disc brakes, not maintain them. It’s better to fix any problem related to mechanical disc brakes by calling the experts. 

However, you can reduce abnormalities of the disc brakes through the correct use, which is more vulnerable to mechanical loss. 

Be aware of transporting the e-scooters to avoid mechanical frictions. Never suppress the brake discs side. 

Inflating The Tyres

It’s also an essential point to check the tyres’ pressure before you ride. Always follow the given rules for every tyre. Moreover, before you ride, measure your weight & check the riding surface. Try to keep your weight within the long-range electric scooter.  

Normally, higher pressure is required for heavyweight & less skilled riders. Higher pressure lessens the adherence of the tyre to the surface. So, it is hard to control the scooter. 

When you need a pressure gauge for your scooter, but you don’t have any, go to the closest petrol station taking your scooter. 

Always check the condition of the tyres, such as the level of the pattern. If there is any breakage on the tyres, first fix them before riding. Otherwise, it may hamper your life. 

Wheel Hub Bearings

Wheel hub bearings assure the smooth turning of your scooter with the least rubbing at the time of riding. Adult electric scooter bearings are technical, dust-free, and water-resistant. Child electric scooter bearings may be hampered by dust or other particles. 

If you realise that the bearings are not working the same as the starting, go to an expert who will fix your problem by cleaning professionally.

Final Thoughts

So why late? Start applying these tips to keep your long-range e-scooter in good shape after buying a new one. If you take care of your e-scooter, you will get the best riding experience that no vehicle can give you. Contact us to get more information.

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