Before and After: The Emotional Impact of Mommy Makeover Transformations

After pregnancy, the female body may not return to its pre-pregnancy appearance without cosmetic intervention. It is common for women to experience sagging or stretched skin, enlarged breasts, and stubborn abdominal fat following pregnancy. Regardless of the dieting and exercising that may be implemented, post-pregnant women may struggle to notice changes in their appearance. 

Mommy makeovers can return the body to its pre-pregnant appearance. A mommy makeover is a combined surgical procedure consisting of the surgeries agreed upon by a provider that aligns with one’s aesthetic goals. By booking a consultation with a medical cosmetic surgeon, you can discuss your goals for your body and establish a game plan on the protocols best suited to your body and surgical expectations. 

In the interim, consider the following information on the emotional impact of mommy makeovers. With these points in mind, you may establish insight into whether to pursue your interest in surgical transformation. A decision like this should not be made lightly, as it results in a permanent change in your physical body and a significant impact on your emotional well-being. Read on to learn more about the emotional impact you may experience before and after mommy makeovers

Pre-pregnant appearance may differ from the pregnant body. 

Women undergo many changes as they adjust to motherhood and life after pregnancy. During pregnancy, a woman’s body retains water, gains weight, and experiences hormonal changes that support the baby’s development. While these changes are normal, they may contrast with a woman’s pre-pregnant appearance. Women experiencing these changes may already be contemplating the emotional impact of before and after mommy makeovers.

The time before and after mommy makeovers is emotional. 

After pregnancy, it may be an emotional time for women who are not familiar with the lasting physical changes post-childbirth. These changes may be personally unwanted, so interventions, such as mommy makeover surgeries, may be sought out. It may be necessary to plan for the emotional impact of the procedure, both before and after mommy makeovers.

Surgical interventions will result in more physical changes.

After surgical interventions, such as tummy tucks, liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation, etc, the individual returns to a body closer to its pre-pregnancy appearance. While there may be scar tissue post-operation, with proper healing and recovery, the individual can enjoy their makeover with minimal scarring. 

Get confident in your decision before committing to surgery. 

Deciding whether to pursue a mommy makeover is an emotional decision. Candidates must consider whether they are emotionally prepared to undergo surgery and physical changes. Given the permanency of these surgeries and the associated financial requirements, it is essential that candidates feel confident in their decision before and after mommy makeovers. 

Talk to your provider to decide if surgery is right for you. 

Review the above considerations regarding the emotional impact before and after mommy makeovers. As you consider the possibility of undergoing surgery for your body transformation, talk to your medical provider for more insight and deeply contemplate whether a mommy makeover is right for you. 

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