Avoid Spam by Buying a Virtual SMS Number!

Most websites now require phone number information along with e-mail in the registration process. The marketing of user data under the name of “processing” with contradictory clauses attached to usage agreements turns our SMS box into a spam dump after a while. By getting temporary, virtual SMS numbers, you can easily perform SMS verifications and protect your personal cell phone number from spam

You may encounter thousands of alternatives in search engine queries to obtain virtual sms numbers. However, it can be quite difficult to find a stable and cheap service provider. SMS-Man service can help you as an ideal solution partner at this point.

How Do I Get a Virtual SMS Number from SMS-MAN?

After entering the Sms-Man website and completing the classic membership process, you can start renting virtual phone numbers for hundreds of countries and hundreds of services. We can say that virtual phone numbers with a price in USD are quite affordable. In order to purchase a virtual number through SMS-MAN, you first need to top up your account. You can top up your balance in any amount you wish by using the most convenient payment options.

After selecting the site (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), country (USA, India, etc.) and the relevant temporary number you want to perform SMS verification, you can view the activation codes received within 15-30 minutes in your user panel. You can receive codes more than once during your 15-30 minute period. If something goes wrong and no code is generated, you can cancel the rental and get your balance back. Each service (Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, etc.) can have its own requirements. Fortunately, SMS-MAN has virtual cell phone numbers that are compatible with almost all popular websites. Moreover, these numbers are not just simple VOIP-based toll-free numbers, SMS-MAN is a website that can provide quality virtual cell phone numbers from anywhere in the world with its seamless API infrastructure.

Can I Try SMS-MAN for Free?

It should be noted right away that most of the free virtual sms numbers are old and poor quality numbers with VoIP infrastructure that have been used thousands of times. Therefore, it is impossible to verify sms with the numbers you get from free service providers. However, SMS-MAN provides free balance to users with promo codes at the end of videos on its Youtube channel. If you manage to get a promo code, you can activate your balance immediately by adding it to the link below.

Click on this link. Paste your promo code in the “Coupons and Promo Codes” box and click on the “Apply” button. That’s it!

Can I Rent a Virtual SMS Number for a Long Term?

Yes, it is possible. By clicking on this link you can rent any fake phone number for verification from any country for up to 3 months.

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