Avoid Household Hazards: 5 Safety Proofing Tips for Homeowners

Home safety is a big deal for everyone from single adults to families. After all, there are more than a million burglaries each year. That’s to say nothing of the commonplace accidents that cause thousands of injuries and even deaths across the nation.

Of course, wanting a safer home and achieving a safer home are very different animals. Beyond that, you must consider in what ways you want to make your home safer. Are you looking to prevent crimes, protect your kids from accidents, or both.

If you’re wondering about safety proofing your home, keep reading for five tips that will help give you a safer and more secure home.

1. Install a Security System

One of the biggest safety tips is installing a security system. Getting a security system for your home has also never been easier.

You can enlist the services of a security monitoring company to install and monitor your system. You can also take go the DIY route with WiFi-enabled security systems that integrate with cameras and alarms on your property. These systems typically use a phone app to let you monitor the system and provide alerts.

2. Child Proofing

There are several important safety first child proofing measures you can take. You can lower the temp on your water heater to avoid accidental burns and cut utility costs. You can also install sliding outlet covers to prevent shocks and electrocutions.

Every year, there are news stories about children dying because of accidental shootings. You can avoid this with an under bed gun safe that keeps your gun secured.

3. Lock It Down

While it won’t prevent a determined thief from getting into your home, locked doors and windows will often prevent a causal break-in. Just as importantly, getting past a locked door or window is often a noisy affair. That noise can alert you in time to call the police if a break-in occurs.

4. Change Your Locks

Unless you built your house new from the ground up, you can’t know who has a copy of the keys to your home. Switch out the locks on all of the doors.

5. Keep the Garage Door Closed

An open garage door that you don’t monitor is like inviting people in to rob you. Keep that garage door securely closed at all times.

For that matter, funny wifi names make sure you lock any connecting doors between your garage and your home. The harder it is for people to get in, the safer your home.

Safety Proofing Your Home

When you begin safety proofing your home, start with the essentials. Change out your locks and make sure you use those new locks. Take steps to make your home safer for your kids by installing outlet covers, turning down your water heater, and getting a gun safe.

Once you tick those boxes, move on to more extensive preparations like installing a security system, cameras, and even sensors on doors and windows.

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