Avoid Hidden Costs When Buying a Home

Countless hidden costs may come up when you’re purchasing a home.  From taxes, you didn’t expect expensive replacements and repairs you assumed wouldn’t happen so quickly after you bought the property.

Unfortunately, if you don’t plan carefully, you could find yourself in financial trouble.  These are the top ways to avoid hidden costs when you’re buying a home.

Look Into What Parts of the Home Needs Repairs

Most homes don’t come in mint condition.  Read the home inspector’s report carefully, and consider which parts of your home will need repairs the soonest.  Does the roof need to be replaced?  Is the siding aging and needing replacement or repairs?  Try to get to know these issues before putting in an offer since you can use them as bargaining chips for a lower house price.

Consider If You Need An Agent or Realtor

If you’ve purchased a home before, or you’re confident in your abilities as a buyer: do you need an agent or realtor?  It’s advised that most first-time homebuyers have a professional on hand to guide them through it, but legally you don’t have to have either.  These pros charge three to six percent of your home’s purchase price: which is money that most can’t afford to give up.  

Take the time to decide whether having a realtor or agent is the right call for you.

Research If There’s An HOA Or Not

An HOA is the king of hidden fees.  If you paint your mailbox without asking, that could be a fee.  You could get fees for having more than two cars in your driveway or neglecting to mow your lawn for a couple of weeks.  Research if this property has an HOA, the membership fee, and how strict their rules are.  Although some flourish under this guidance, it isn’t for everyone.

Find Out Which Parts Of The Home Are Under Warranty

If you get into your new home and your dishwasher suddenly doesn’t work, you may assume that you’ve done something wrong: but not necessarily!  In fact, a dishwasher is one of the many items in your home that may be under warranty from the previous owner.  Talk to this owner and determine if they have any information on the warranties or what is protected for repairs.  Getting things repaired under warranty is worlds cheaper than paying out of pocket.

Ask The Seller To Cover Closing Costs

One of the most important parts of any house payment calculator is putting in how much the closing costs may be.  These costs range from six to twelve percent of the price of your home.  Unfortunately, most people don’t have that kind of money sitting around.  Try to barter with the seller and see if they’ll cover closing costs so that you can buy the house without this added financial strain.  A lot goes into closing costs, and they’re a big reason some people end up house-poor for the first year in their new home.

Buying a home is a magical and exciting step in anyone’s life: Be aware of hidden costs, and you can make it even better.

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