Women’s Hockey Australia vs Spain Full Match Highlights: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Australia vs Spain Full Match Highlights – In this match of Women’s Hockey of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Australia and Spain teams were face to face. This match was being played in Oi Hockey Stadium South Pitch. This stadium is located in Shinagawa City, Yashio, Japan.

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First Half Australia 0-0 Spain

In the first half, Australia’s team got off to a strong start. From the very beginning of the match, the Australian team started to take hold of the match. From the early moments of the game, Australia’s team continued to attack Spain’s goal.

Despite the best efforts of Australia and Spain, both the teams could not score any goal in this half.

This half ended at 0-0 without any goal.

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Second Half Australia 3-1 Spain

In the second half also, Australia’s team started as strong as the first half. By scoring a goal in the opening moments of the second half, the Australian team interfered with the Spanish team on the backfoot. Ambrosia Malone scored in the 31st minute to give her team a 1-0 lead in the game.

Spain’s team was emerging from this goal that the very next minute Emily Chalker scored the second goal for her team in this game. And led her team 2-0 in this game.

Spain was eager to make a comeback after getting 2 goals one after the other from Australia. Then in the 33rd minute, when Beatriz Perez Lagunas got an opportunity to score, she scored first goal for her team in this game without wasting this opportunity.

Spain’s team, hoping for a comeback, suffered a major setback when Grace Stewart scored 3 goals for her team in the 37th minute with the help of a penalty corner. This goal took the Australian team 3-1 in this game.

The Spanish team could not score any other goal in this half and Australia won this match very easily.

Women’s Hockey Australia vs Spain Full Match Highlights: Tokyo Olympics 2020

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Australia won this match by easily defeating Spain 3-1.

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