Hockey Australia vs Belgium Full Match Highlights: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Australia vs Belgium Full Match Highlights – In this Final match of Men’s Hockey event in Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Australia and Belgium teams were face to face. This match was being played in Oi Hockey Stadium North Pitch. This stadium is located in Shinagawa City, Yashio, Japan.

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First Half Australia 0-0 Belgium

In the first half, the Belgian team started strongly. The Belgian team started playing the attacking game from the very beginning. On the other hand the Australian team was playing a defensive game.

The Belgian team continued to attack the Australian goal. Due to which there were many such opportunities in this half where goals could have been scored, but the strong Australian defense did not give the Belgian team any chance to score.

The result was that the first half ended in a 0-0 draw without any goal.

Second Half Australia 1-1 Belgium

The story of the second half also remained the same as the last half. The Belgian team came into the field with an attacking mood. They soon got the benefit of which.

Florent’s brilliant goal in the 32nd minute gave Belgium a 1-0 lead in the crucial match.

Soon the Australian team made a comeback. Tom Joseph scored in the 47th minute to level his team at 1-1.

Both the teams tried their best to win the match but the half ended in a 1-1 draw. To get the result of this match, this match went into a penalty shootout to find the winner.

Penalty Shootout Australia 2-3 Belgium

In the penalty shoot-out, in response to Belgium’s 3 penalties, Australia had scored only 2 penalties and lost the match.

Hockey Australia vs Belgium Full Match Highlights: Tokyo Olympics 2020

Belgium won this exciting match against Australia in penalty shoot outs. With this win, Belgium won Gold Medal and Australia won Silver Medal in Men’s Hockey event of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.


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