Amazon New World – Tricks About Farming New World Coins

Amazon’s New World successfully ended the open beta a few days ago and handed in a report that satisfies the developer. As a game that has not yet been officially released, New World has a staggering 140,000 concurrent players on September 9, which has even surpassed some of the most popular multiplayer online games on Steam. Although this number is still lower than 200,856 during the closed beta phase, it is enough for New World to cross a new milestone. Finally, I want to tell you an ultimate method to quickly obtain New World Coins – buying from a third-party company.

So let’s talk about the key topic, how to get New World Coins more quickly in the game. In any MMORPG community, discussions about ways to make money can always attract players, because this directly affects the player’s gaming experience – a bulging wallet always allows you to easily solve problems at any time.

In fact, after the game has been tested twice, some professional players have summed up their experience in this area. If you usually do some research on this aspect, I believe that you can find some unique ways to make money in New World. As follows:

Don’t drop any loot, many a little makes a mickle

When you feel that the inventory space is not enough, I suggest you go back to the Settlement to organize the inventory. After filtering, you will find some items that may be useful to other players. You can sell them at a higher price in Trading Post.

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Don’t skip any quests unless you don’t care about the rewards

Each quest will provide some coin as reward, which is very important in the early stage of severe lack of resources. If you want to improve your professional skills, you’d better complete all the tutorial quests, because in addition to coin, you will also get some useful items.

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Use all methods to improve the level of professional skills, and profession is money

In New World, craft products above Tier 2 can provide buffs in addition to the basic effects. These items are very helpful to all players and can be sold at high prices, while you need a higher level of professional skill to craft them.

These methods are applicable to almost all similar MMORPGs. I follow these principles when earning WOW TBC Classic Gold in TBC Classic. Finally, I want to tell you an ultimate method to quickly obtain New World Coins – buying from a third-party company.

It sounds weird, but considering the time that the above methods may take, buying coins directly for your New World character is the most cost-effective transaction. The best choice is With the efforts of the professional team, the price of New World Coins sold by the company is really cheap, and you don’t need to spend too much money to buy a lot of coins there. You can place an order directly when you visit this website with your PC and mobile phone, and the process is very convenient.

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