Advantages of a Cup Filling and Sealing Machine

Cup filling and sealing machine is designed to create packaging for liquid or pasty products. These machines are typically used for plastic cups, ranging from 100 ml to 500 ml. After filling, they seal the cups using either a precut aluminum foil lid or a film from a roll. The machine also picks up the plastic overcap. If you do not need a film sealer, you can purchase one separately.

Automatic lassi cup filling and foil sealing machine

An Automatic packing machine is designed to automatically fill cups with your product. This machine features an automatic cup feeding system and is suitable for sealing drinks such as juices, flavored milk, water glasses, and syrups. These machines are also useful for other liquid products like syrups, suspensions, and viscous liquids. Click here are some advantages of an automatic lassi cup filling and foil sealing machine.

The main advantages of this machine are its compact design and space-saving construction. Its simple design and easy operation make it suitable for a wide range of applications. First, the empty cups or glasses are fed into the filling cavity manually or automatically with a stacker. Next, the liquid is filled into the containers with a syringe, then they are placed under the sealing chamber with a conduction unit. Once filled, the containers are sealed with the foil or laminate by means of a photocell clutch break system.

Another benefit of the Automatic packing machine is its ease of operation. The machine can fill 50cc to 300cc cups automatically. Its heat-sealing function and flexible design make it the first choice for packaging enterprises. It can also be used to fill and seal a variety of products, including bottles and containers. The machine is easy to operate and can handle thick paste foods.

Automatic lassi cup linear filling machine

Cup filling and sealing machine is an efficient and easy-to-use filling and sealing machine for a range of drinks. It is powered by 0.5 HP single phase power supply and uses pneumatic and perfact dot-to-dot cutting technologies for accurate filling and sealing of lassis. This machine also features a photocell clutch break system to prevent overfilling.

Designed to fill a wide range of drinks, this automatic lassi cup linear filling and sealing machines are suitable for use with heat-sealing laminates and pre-cut aluminium foil. This machine is made from stainless steel 316 grade and has an easy-to-clean filling system. The controls of the machine are made with a PLC, HMI or touch screen unit.

Suitable for a variety of drinks, the Automatic Lassi Cup Linear Filling and Sealing Machine is suitable for the packaging of lassi, curd, yogurt, water, and honey in various diameter cups. It can be used to pack 100gm to 400gm of curd or 250gm to 1kg of shrinkhand. The machine is also available with a batch coder.

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