A Simple Guide to Designing a Backyard Patio

Being in the fresh air can bring multiple benefits such as improving your mood and reducing your stress levels, and you might be looking to increase the amount of time you spend outdoors when you are at home. This is when designing a stunning patio area can make going into your backyard a much more attractive option. 

But which factors should you take into account when designing a backyard patio? There are so many options that it can be challenging to know which ones will provide you with the best results. 

While there are many fantastic patio concepts, you might want to consider several popular designs that could help you create the patio of your dreams. 

Let’s dive in and look at some great patio ideas.

Consider Your Available Backyard Space

When building a patio, you’ll want to make sure it will provide a reasonable seating space without taking over your garden. You should also decide if you would like your patio to be in the shade, or in a spot that gets the most sunshine at the times you are most likely to be sitting outside.

Measure out your available backyard space, and keep an eye on your garden for a few days to see which locations get the best weather conditions.

Decide on Your Patio Materials

You can use a durable residential patio material such as poured concrete which is also easy to mold to different shapes, or go for bricks that can give a more classic appearance. If preferred, you could also choose to have a stone patio that looks elegant and is likely to last for many years.

Before deciding, consult with your patio contractor to get an idea of the costs for the materials and the labor charges for laying each patio type. 

Leave Room for Patio Accessories

Don’t fill your home patio with chairs and tables right at the start. Add what you need to be comfortable outside, and then evaluate which accessories would turn your patio into your ideal outdoor space. 

For example, this could include music speakers, a drinks area, or sun loungers so you can grab an afternoon nap. By leaving a bit of extra space when you first begin using your patio, you’ll be able to add these items at a later date.

Make It Cozy

You can use your imagination and ask friends and family to help you come up with cozy patio ideas. These can make a functional outdoor space into an oasis. Consider using patio lights to illuminate the area in the evenings, and adding blankets and cushions to take the chill away when the temperature drops. 

You could even have a retractable awning and patio heaters to make your space just as comfortable as your indoor living room.

Designing a Backyard Patio Can Be Fun

When designing a backyard patio, it’s a good idea to carefully measure your garden’s dimensions and to take the time to find materials that can provide you with a beautiful and robust surface. You can also enjoy experimenting with different decorating ideas, and add accessories as you go along. 

Before long, your patio could soon be your favorite part of your home!

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