A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Showers

There are more than twenty different types of showers. Depending on the features you include, that number can go upwards of fifty!

When you are shopping for a new shower, you must know many of the different types so you can make an educated purchase. Don’t settle for the shower type that you are familiar with.

From steam to extra-large, the number of luxurious showers on the market today will have you stunned. Let us show you some of the most popular showers you could buy right now.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of showers and find the perfect fit for you.

Tub-Shower Combo

The tub-shower combination is commonly seen in many houses. Though, there are two types.

The first type is the one that probably came to mind when you read “tub-shower combo”. It features a bathtub and shower that are combined into one. You can either fill up the bath or shower while standing in the tub.

The second type features a larger showering area with a bathtub in the same room. They are normally behind the same pane of glass, but you stand on the floor to shower or sit in the bath to bathe.

Walk-in Shower

There are several types of walk-in showers. The basis of a walk-in shower is as follows.

Walk-in showers can have many different types of doors. They may be a sliding door, pivot door, hinged door, or even doorless. Some people with walk-in showers decide to use a curtain instead of a door.

These types of showers are often prefabricated and easy to install with the right people. If you want to learn more about them and their costs, click here.

Doorless Walk-in Shower

Doorless walk-in showers are just like your typical walk-in shower, but they are often larger, so water doesn’t go all over your bathroom. They are nice to have because there is no glass shower door to purchase or keep clean.

These types of showers are great for people who are in a wheelchair or otherwise handicapped. Many doorless showers have no curb and no door. This ensures there will be no issues when entering.

Extra-Large Shower

Extra-large showers are almost always built custom. With the extra room, many owners decide to add a bench, an extra shower head, plants, and more into their extra-large shower.

Some also include large windows to get more natural lighting or an outdoor experience. In this shower, you can expect to feel like royalty. They do not come cheap, but many will tell you that they are worth it.

Along with the extra-large shower, some also invest in extra-large tubs. Also known as jacuzzies, they often include jets. You have plenty of space in an extra-large tub to feel like you are at the spa.

Keep in mind, when you have an extra-large shower or tub, the cleaning job is just as large.

His and Hers Shower

His and her showers can be quite similar to extra-large showers. They come in two types.

The first type is one large shower with shower heads on either side. This way you and your partner can relax and get clean in the same area. Yet, you do not have to fight over one shower head.

The second type of his and her shower features two separate showers divided by glass. Typically, these look like two identical glassed-in areas on opposite sides of the bathroom. Sometimes there is a large tub in-between.

His and her showers allow two people to have their own showering experiences at the same time. You never have to worry about getting in each other’s way.

Steam Shower

A steam shower can look identical to your average walk-in shower. They just have one added feature that will blow new users away. Imagine having a steam room built into your shower!

Steam showers make cold winter months much more bearable. Additionally, you can easily relax your muscles after a workout, or just feel better when you are tense.

A steam shower is a moisture-sealed enclosure where you can use digital controls to decide the level of steam you want. Conveniently, they can come prefabricated or be built custom for a home.

Shower with Body Spray Jets

At some point in your life, you may have tried or heard of shower types with body spray jets. They are nice, right? Body spray jets make you feel extra clean and often help with tense muscles.

A great perk of these showers is that you can control which jets are active. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, you can turn off the main shower head and get a thorough body wash.

Glass Shower with Half Wall

Of all the different kinds of showers, glass showers with half walls are awesome for a little privacy. Most of these showers feature an opaque half wall that goes all the way around the shower walls for privacy that is waist-high.

Above the half wall is glass so you can still see into the rest of the bathroom and get plenty of light. This design works great with bathrooms that are open to the master bedroom or hallway.

Walk-in Shower with Bench

Many of the walk-in types of showers can feature a bench if they are large enough. Benches make storing bath items, scrubbing, and relaxing easy.

Benches are also helpful if you or a loved one is unsteady on their feet. Handrails are often included in this kind of shower. They make it easier to stand up, sit down, and wash all over.

Different Types of Showers: Which Is for You?

When looking to install a new shower in your home, you must know all the different types of showers. You will likely find that one fits you perfectly, while the others are just okay.

You don’t want a decent shower for the foreseen future. You want the best one for you. If you enjoyed this shower guide, check out the rest of our blog for similar articles to this one.

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