A Quick Guide to the Beneath Cursed Sands Update

Here’s everything you need to know about OSRS’ latest quest, Beneath Cursed Sands.

Beneath Cursed Sands is the newest quest in OSRS that takes place in the desert. To be able to start the quest, you will need to have completed the Contact! quest. You need to complete two other quests in the series before the Prince Ali Rescue quest and Itchlarin’s Little Helper quest. Besides completing the previous quests in the series, you will also need an Agility level of 62, level 55 Crafting, and 55 Firemaking. None of the skills required are boostable. The OSRS items you need are pretty basic: one piece of coal, one iron bar, and some OSRS GP to buy some additional items during the quest, like non-fish food. On top of this, having the following with you is not necessary but helpful: Waterskins, OSRS gold for carpet travel, a form of antipoison, a Dramen Staff, a charged Pharaoh Scepter, a way to restore run energy, such as Stamina potions or Explorer’s ring, and a way to teleport to Nardah.

Reasons to Complete the Beneath Cursed Sands Quest

Completing the quest will reward you with some excellent OSRS items, besides the two quest points and 20 thousand Agility experience. Even more importantly, you will gain access to a future way to obtain OSRS GP, Tombs of Amascut, which is the location where Raids 3 is placed. 

Another great perk of doing the Beneath Cursed Sands quest is unlocking two teleportation options with a destination close to Raids 3. One teleport is unlocked and added to the Pharaoh Sceptre, while the other is an extension of the Fairy Ring network, which gets unlocked during the quest with the code A-K-P. 

Furthermore, you will obtain two untradeable OSRS items. One of them is a quality of life item, the Circlet of water, which acts like a filled Waterskin, designed for lengthy trips in the desert. You would typically need several Waterskins; however, the new item will occupy only one slot in the inventory. You’ll need to fill it with water runes, so from the perspective of the OSRS gold spent, you will spend slightly more than for Waterskins. The other untradeable item is a weapon, representing an upgrade of Keris, the weapon rewarded by the previous desert quest, Contact!.

A Walkthrough of Beneath Cursed Sands

To start the quest, you will need to travel to Sophanem. You can either take a carpet from Pollnivneach or walk from Nardah. Once in Sophanem, speak to Jamila and select “option 2” and then “option 1” to start the quest. 

Head southeast, exit Sophanem, then walk northeast until you reach a mine. Go north, read the note in your inventory and speak to Maisa to start a cutscene. You will then be asked if you want to be teleported. Make sure you have your combat gear and food with you, as you will be teleported South of Sophanem, which is pretty far away from any bank. Once teleported, walk southeast towards the entrance of the Pyramid and inspect the blocked entrance by left-clicking on it.

Another cutscene will start, and then you will have to fight the Head of the Menaphite Guards. If you use Protect from melee, he will disable it. After you kill him, the cutscene will continue. If you need to restock on food and Waterskins, head back to the bank of Sophanem. Otherwise, you can head towards Maisa again and speak to her. Remember also to take the Antipoison, coal, and iron bar. Walk south, then east until you reach the crocodiles. 

Afterward, go north and up the stairs, and keep going until you find a well and a furnace. Use the coal on the furnace, light it with a tinderbox, search the well, and read the tablet you find. Refill your Waterskins in the well. Climb down and go southwest, make sure you have one free inventory space, and dig in front of the southernmost ritual pillar.

To open the chest input 1118513 and retrieve the scarab mold (which you can use at the furnace you have previously fired to create a scarab emblem), head north, and use the scarab emblem on the pillar and rotate it until the scarab’s head is downwards. Drink a sip of Antipoison, Pray Protect from magic, and enter the Dungeon to kill the two scarab mages. 

Climb down the stairs inside the dungeon, follow the west, south, and east in the corridors while avoiding being hit by the flying projectiles, and activate the first lever. Immediately after, run west, then until the end of the north corridor, then east again, and pull the second lever to stop the projectiles. You can go through the west door afterward.

You’ll need four free inventory spaces to inspect the southwester plaque and then the northwester plaque and solve the puzzle. Pull the lever near the west door. Walk through the door, speak to Mehhar, search the urn to the west, and take the key. 

If you need more supplies, go back to Sophanem, take the urn key, and return to the first floor. When you unlock the door, you will see a small cutscene, and then you’ll need to fight the Champion of Scarabs.

After this, you will have to create a cure in Nardah with a Lily of the Elid from west of Nardah and bring it to the high Priestess in Sophanem. To make the cure, you will need some non-fish food which you can buy for a few OSRS GP at the General store in Nardah. Once you bring back the cure, go to the bank, regear, and head to the Necropolis for the final boss fight, the Menaphit Akh. And congratulations! you have just unlocked the location for Raids 3.

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