A Guide For Shapewear

Our bodies were not perfect at birth. There are parts of our bodies that we love, embrace and wish we could do better. Some people desire a slimmer waistline, while others want a bubbling stomach. You can exercise, but tummy control underwear is better than nothing!

Helps you get a slimmer silhouette in minutes. It is an innerwear garment that helps shape your body exactly the way you want. You decide whether to enhance or conceal. No matter what body type you have, whether it’s petite, curvy, or slender, there is something to suit your needs.

Find out more about the various styles of shapewear available and how they function.

The Bodysuit

The bodysuit looks almost like a swimsuit. It targets areas like the waist, hips, love handles, rear, and thighs to give you a smooth and flat look. You have the option of a Full Bodysuit or a No-Bust Bodysuit depending on your requirements.

Ideal for: Women looking for a slim, bulge free, full-body look

The Waist Cincher

The Waist Cincher is worn around your waist to contour and shape the waist and stomach region. Zivame has a wide selection of top-selling designs. These include a slip-on, corset, and tummy shaping, as well as a slip-on.

Ideal for: Women who desire a flatter stomach and slimmer waist.

Tummy Tucking Jeans/Panties

These briefs/pants are made for women who need support and shaping in their lower bodies. They focus on the waist, sides, and back.

Ideal for: Women who wish to eliminate the muffin top and show off a sleek, defined stomach.

Try this look: Slip it over high-waisted leggings. Then, pair it with a bralette.

The Thigh Shaper

The perfect piece of shapewear to wear with your pencil skirt is here! Thighs Shapers fit like shorts and can be worn in a very simple way.

Ideal for: Women who are looking for firm thighs, a well-shaped waist, and rear underclothes.

You can try this look: For a girls’ night out, wear under-fitted, high-waisted trousers with a crop shirt and kitten heels.

Camis And Vests To Shaping

This is the ideal shapewear for you if you are considered ‘top heavy’. Shape Camis and Vests define the upper body. They distribute the fat tissue correctly to provide compression.

Ideal for: Women who are looking for a sleek, slim, and seamless upper-body silhouette

Target area: Back and bust, abdomen, waist, sides, stomach

Try this look: Layer the Shaping cami or Vest underneath a tank shirt, and add jeans and espadrilles to make it a movie date.

Saree Shapewear

Tired of the large pleats in your petticoat’s hem? We are all tired of the sloppy pleats in your petticoat. Zivame’s Saree Shapewear was created especially for Indian women. It supports and shapes your waist, rear, and thighs to give you the perfect saree shape. The elastic waistband makes it easy to avoid any chafing. Win-win!

Ideal for: Women seeking a mermaid silhouette under sarees

Can be worn under: Sarees, long skirts, midi dresses

Target area: Waists, love handles, thighs

Try this look: Wear this firmware under a silk chiffon saree and pearls this season or underneath a floral midi dress and straw hat at a Sunday picnic.

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