A Complete Guideline for Amazon Product Photography

It is a well-known fact that high-quality product images play a vital role in the e-commerce industry. Experts say that the human brain can acquire pictures almost 60,000 times faster than text.

This ultimately means that product images contribute greatly to generating and boosting sales. You can even consider product images as the first impression for a product listing.

When it comes to product photography, the techniques involved are ever-evolving. However, when it comes to product listings for certain websites such as Amazon, it has its own set of guidelines.

Sellers need to abide by these guidelines before in order to upload their product images. Below we have further elaborated about Amazon product photography. Keep reading to learn all about it.

What do you mean by Product Photography?

Basically, the product photography is capturing the images of a certain product in such a way that it grabs the consumer’s attention. With perfect product photography, you can even encourage shoppers to buy the product.

For both offline and online advertising, product photography holds a special place. Magazines, online ads, company websites, brochures, etc in all of the thing’s product photography comes in handy.

But how exactly product photography works in favor of a business. Continue reading till the end to find out about it.

Role of Product Photography in Boosting Conversion Rate

Be it Amazon or any other e-commerce site, product photography has a great deal in increasing conversion rate. Especially today, when we live in the age of visual information.

If you perceive the amount of data that has been expanded then it will certainly amaze you. For example, did you know Google gets an estimated 2 million-plus search requests per minute?

Now, you can only imagine how much data generates each day. However, in terms of the perspective of human beings, visual data is much better and faster processed than textual data.

Experts say that about 90% of information that is communicated to the brain is through visual data. Therefore, this significantly puts a huge attribute for product images to influence a consumer’s purchasing decision.

The overall photo quality of the product greatly matters in influencing the conversion rate. Since the quality of images reflects the overall image of a brand. If the quality is top-notch then it helps in creating a great first impression.

With expert product photography, you can evoke maximum customer engagement that leads to an increased conversion rate as well.

Tips for High-quality Amazon Product Photography

Well, it can be rightly said that consumers buy with their eyes. The products that are visually appealing have great chances of getting sold.

In fact, many times the dilemma of a consumer of whether to purchase a product or not is solely based on the visual appeal. No wonder, businesses prioritize getting expert product photography.

However, the list of priorities only increases when it comes to Amazon product photography. You need to capture a series of great product images in order to list your product.

Aside from this, there are several other criteria that the sellers need to fulfill. Below we’ve enumerated some tips with the help of which you can get high-quality Amazon product photography.

1.    Start with a plan

Your Amazon product photography journey should be planned and you need to make sure that your plan is consistent. If you have only one product listing then it is easy.

However, if you have a complete catalog then you need to start planning carefully and consistently.

Begin by establishing a brand. Brainstorm how your product pictures should look and how exactly they can communicate with the online presence.

2.   Use white background

It is mandatory to use a white background on Amazon. Well, at least for the main product image.

However, expert photographers use that criterion to their advantage. The white background does a fabulous job in enhancing the quality of the product image if it’s utilized in the right way.

The entire focus is put on the product with the use of white background.

3.   Perfect lighting

You need to have the perfect lighting in your setup to get quality product images. You can also choose to utilize natural lighting as they enhance the images greatly.

You can use relevant tools as well to adjust the lighting.

These are a few tips to perfect your Amazon product photography. Consult an expert product photography service to learn more about Amazon product photography.

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