7 Signs Your Refrigerator Filter Needs to Be Replaced

When it comes to maintaining the health of your fridge, changing out your old refrigerator filter is key. It does no good to clean out your fridge and put boxes of baking soda inside if the refrigerator filter is dirty.

So, how do you know when it’s time to put in a new filter? Well, take a look at the information below to learn the signs to look out for.

1. The Water Filter Light Comes On

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to know when it’s time to change your refrigerator filter is when the water filter light turns on. If you have an updated refrigerator, it’ll do a lot of the thinking for you.

On fridges that contain a water dispenser or a digital control panel, the filter light does the job. If it’s on, then that means it’s time to replace the old filter.  Be sure to hold the filter button to reset the timer once you switch it out.

2. Bad Tasting Dispenser Water

If you don’t have an upgraded refrigerator that’ll notify you when the filter needs to be changed, that’s okay. There are other telltale signs to look for. One of the main ones is the taste of the water.

If the water that comes from the dispenser tastes odd, that’s a red flag. It should have a clean, fresh flavor. But if the water filter is dirty, that means it’s full of contaminants that could alter the taste.

Tap water runs through the water line, flows across the filter, and then goes into the ice maker and water dispenser. However, if the filter is dirty when the water comes into contact with it, then all of the chemicals and contaminants within the tap water will flow through it as well.

3. Small Black Specks in the Ice or Water

Actually, most water filters are created with charcoal that’s comprised of small amounts of charcoal dust. The charcoal helps to remove contaminants from the water as it flows through the filter.

While it’s normal to notice a few black specks every once in a while, seeing a lot of them is a bad sign. If you notice it in the ice or water, it’s time to change the filter. This is especially true if the filter isn’t new.

Keep in mind that if the filter is fresh, you’ll see black specks. But they’ll eventually go away as you continue to use the filter.

4. Cloudy Water and Ice

Another indicator that it is time to replace your old filter is if the water or ice has a murky appearance. If you notice this, do not drink the water or eat the ice. Change your refrigerator filter as soon as possible.

You may even want to flush out the water lines to ensure that there are no remaining substances. Murky water is an indicator that there are enough contaminants within the water to become visible. That means there could be harmful particles in there that’ll make you sick.

Take care of that problem immediately!

5. The Water Dispenses Slowly

If you notice that there’s a slow trickle of water that comes out when you use the dispenser, that’s another red flag. A slow flow of water means that the water going through your fridge is restricted.

If the refrigerator filter is full of particles, it’ll begin to clog. Therefore, the water can’t get through as efficiently as it normally could. As a result, there’s a lack of water pressure that comes through the refrigerator.

Essentially, the water is blocked and can’t flow through from the tap into the dispenser. When you notice this issue, put in a new filter.

6. Small Ice Cubes

Speaking of slowly dispensed water, another sign that it’s time to switch out your refrigerator filter is the size of the ice cubes. If the filter is overloaded, it can’t operate as usual. When the water goes through the filter into the ice molds, there isn’t enough water to go through because of the clogged filter.

But before changing out the filter, make sure that there aren’t any other issues going on. If there isn’t, then move forward with putting in another filter.

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7. The Ice Has a Weird Smell

Another sign to watch out for is the smell of the ice. If you’re unsure whether it’s time to change your water filter, give the ice a quick sniff. If you notice a sour or metallic smell coming from it, don’t use it.

However, the bad smell could be due to a number of causes. Maybe the ice bin is dirty, or it could be another issue. Before changing the refrigerator filter, check the ice bin first. If it’s clean, then you can move on to switching out the filter.

An old water filter will make the ice smell bad in the same manner that it makes the water taste bad. It’s because it’s full of harmful contaminants that have filled the water line.

Switch Out Your Old Refrigerator Filter

We hope these tips help you to better understand when it’s time to replace your refrigerator filter. A dirty filter can completely ruin the freshness of your fridge…so stay on top of it!

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