Have you ever wondered what a shower curb is? We have too! Usually when we notice curbs on public showers, they are placed there for a reason. Most people don’t know that curbless showers exist, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Curbs add an extra element of safety, as they prevent you from sliding into your showerhead. However, they take up space, and take up space in the shower is a precious commodity. With a little planning, you can easily build a curbless shower.


The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is a digital media player marketed at readers, media enthusiasts, and casual gamers. The Fire HDX follows in the footsteps of Amazon’s previous media players, the Fire, 7, 8, and 9, all of which come from the same family. The Kindle line gained notoriety as an affordable alternative to Apple’s iOS devices, but no longer, since Amazon’s decision to include Amazon Prime Video offers customers access to many popular movies and shows. In many ways, the Kindle Fire HDX does much of what Apple’s iPad and even Apple’s iPad Mini offer, for a fraction of the price.

VIM Products

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On Wednesday, March 27, 2019, at 7pm MST, Dr. Mark Schmidt, Associate Professor of Extension Communication in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication, will discuss his new book, Schnüttler, at the Center for Children at Risk. Schnüttler tells the story of what happens when a boy born in a refugee camp becomes trapped on a mountain, alone in the Swiss Alps, and must survive on his own.


With gas prices now at near-record highs, and Americans cutting back on car trips, some experts worry that renewable energy production will fall short of expectations by 2020. Yet new research shows that one renewable resource, called “green” hydrogen, could play a crucial role in replacing fossil fuels. The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that producing green hydrogen from water under standard conditions requires 7.8 times less energy than producing conventional hydrogen. And unlike fossil fuels, green hydrogen can conveniently be converted into many useful products, such as plastics, chemicals, and fuels.

How Much Does a Curbless Shower Cost?

Curbless showers aren’t for everyone, but we’re guessing that they’re becoming more popular in recent years. They’re certainly becoming more common, with curbless showers and tubs making up more than 80% of the shower units installed in new homes, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Curbless showers provide accessible options for people with disabilities. While curbless showers used to be extraordinarily expensive, these days you can get a beautiful curbless shower without spending too much.


I recommend using a frameless glass door. This screenless enclosure allows you to bypass the cramped shower space. Using frameless glass doors allows you to easily access the shower area, taking you out of the wet and humid area. Using a frameless glass door allows water to flow freely, so you are not left standing in a puddle. Lastly, using a frameless glass door will help maintain the look and style of your bathroom, for many years to come.

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