7 Alcohol Gifts your partner will love

It’s always nice to surprise your nearest and dearest to let them know you care about them. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or ‘just cos’, everyone loves receiving gifts! However, some people are harder to buy for than others, which can make surprising them with a present just a tad more challenging! So what’s the solution? Well, call us biased, but you can never go wrong with alcohol! Here are the top 7 alcohol gifts your partner will love!

1.   Gintonica Christmas Gin Advent Calendar

Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is. Move over chocolate, let the drinks tasting be-gin! This stunning art-deco craft gin box contains 24 x 50ml Australian Craft Gins each with ‘mini-me’ distillery labels with tasting notes for every little bottle. Whether your partner is an ‘open them all at once’ or a disciplined ‘I’ll wait for the surprise’ kind of person, they’ll truly be in the Christmas ‘spirit’ with this gift.

2.   Monthly Beer Subscription

Well that’s better than getting a bill in the mail, isn’t it? We all have a penchant for craft beer, with new breweries popping up faster than we can drink a cold one, but keeping on top of new trends and brands can be overwhelming. What if we told you that a selection of brews could be brought to your partner’s door every month? The team at the craft beer bottle shop in Sandringham handpick and taste (lucky them) hundreds of beers every month to create a beer box of dreams. It’s quite literally, the gift that keeps on giving.

3.   Fisher Limited Edition – Hard Fizz 10 Pack

Fisher loves Agave and Pineapple? Can’t say we blame him! He’s bringing us the tastiest hard fizz ever in a special limited edition pack. A beach party in a can, you’ll certainly get in your partners’ good books with this one! Bursting with pineapple flavour and the undeniable sweet nectar of Agave, it’s time to get fizzy! At $45 for a ten pack, you could say it’s a pretty sweet deal.

4.   Sessions Gift Voucher

The old reliable! if you’ve left it too late to get a physical gift, your partner is just THAT fussy or you want that perfect stocking filler, gift cards for Sessions bottle shops are the perfect option! Whether it’s to stock up on their favourite beers, or maybe it can go towards that expensive bottle of champagne they always wanted to try, Sessions gift cards can be used on anything from spirits, beers, wines and more. It’s not laziness, we call it giving the gift of ‘choice’!

5.   Four Pillars Gin Pack

Who doesn’t love a cocktail, especially if it’s a surprise gift? The O-G gin makers of Four Pillars gin have a little something in store to help people get their cocktail fix. The gin-ius team have packaged up their top three tipples to make this pack the perfect gift for a loved one. The cocktail starter kit features 3 x 200ml bottles of their original Rare Dry Gin, Olive Leaf Gin and how can we forget the delicious Bloody Shiraz Gin? Serve them on their own with ice and tonic water or get crafty with the cocktail shaker, the options are endless!

6.   Dexter Chardonnay 2019

Make it a white (wine) Christmas with Dexter Chardonnay. Carefully crafted in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, Dexter Wines are known for producing their ultra-premium Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Their elegant chardonnay makes the perfect liquid gift for your partner. With subtle flavours of citrus, stone fruit and oak, the wine is best known for having a soft middle palate with good length, making this a ‘grape’ drink to share on a warm summer’s day.

7.   Handpicked Wines Tasmania Pinot Noir

Tell your partner that “you’re the wine that I want” with this Pinot Noir from Handpicked Wines. A lighter-bodied wine that has easy drinkability and pairs well with a variety of food, what can be a better gift than a good old-fashioned red? Tasmania is quickly getting a reputation for being the go-to location for cool climate winemaking and this Pinot Noir upholds it. Subtly whip out two wine glasses and it instantly becomes a present for you too – a win-win … or a wine-wine (ok we’ll stop now).

Need to stock on spirits and cocktails or looking for a craft beer bottle shop in Sandringham? Look no further than the expert team at Sessions.

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