6 Signs That Indicate You to Get Mole & Skin Cancer Check in Sydney

Mole is a skin growth that appears on the body. It can be either benign or malignant, and it may also have different colors. The mole generally grows slowly over time. If you notice any changes in your moles, then get an expert opinion from a dermatologist immediately. They are trained in spotting early signs of cancerous lesions. For the expert mole and skin cancer check in Sydney, Sundoctors might be the right choice for you. Their staff performs the skin check with specialized diagnostic equipment. Below are some of the common symptoms that indicate you visit such clinics to get checked for skin cancer. 

6 Signs That Indicate You Get Mole and Skin Check Done 

Dark Moles

Dark moles are often a sign of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. It appears when there is excessive sun exposure; they could also result due to hormonal imbalances. When these moles grow more prominent than 6mm, they should not be ignored as they might become dangerous. In this case, consult with a doctor right away.

Bleeding Lesions

A bleeding mole bleeds when you touch it and does not stop quickly. It spreads rapidly and can be fatal if left untreated in its later stages. It also indicates potential health problems such as inflammation, infection, or even cancer. So if you see a new spot anywhere on your body, do not ignore it. Consult with a professional who has experience in detecting them.


The redness means irritation, itching, or burning sensation. Usually, people don’t feel anything while having this condition, but once they start noticing pain, it becomes severe. However, if the redness does not go down after 1-2 days, then visit a dermatologist. 


Another symptom associated with cancer is swelling. It usually occurs around the tumor site and sometimes spreads throughout other parts of the body. But before going under treatment, make sure the swelling goes down within 7-10 days. 

Painful Lump

People often confuse lumps with pimples. But actually, lumps are painful, whereas pimples aren’t. Pimple bumps are caused by acne, while lumps come because of tumors. Hence, always remember to distinguish between both types of conditions.

Change in Shape 

Sometimes, a change in shape can happen without any reason. For instance, a bump suddenly starts growing into another part of the body. Also, a mole gets smaller or larger abruptly. Such changes shouldn’t be taken lightly as they may lead to more severe issues. Always seek medical advice whenever you find out any unusual phenomenon occurring in your body.

The Bottom Line 

You can’t always tell if something is cancerous just by looking at it. That’s why we have created this guide to help you identify the signs of melanoma and other types of skin cancer. It will also show you how to keep your skin healthy and reduce your risk of developing these conditions in the future. 

If you suspect that you have developed one of these symptoms, then consult a dermatologist immediately. They would recommend appropriate tests so that proper diagnosis can be done. Once appropriately diagnosed, they can suggest the best course of action. Early detection helps reduce the chances of getting damaged organs or life-threatening diseases.

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