6 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Strøm Plan

Have you lately been unhappy with the energy bills you’ve been getting? You’re not alone. The situation in the entire world has changed, so it is no wonder that we are seeing higher electricity prices in recent years. Yet, while a lot depends on some factors that are outside the realm of your control and your power, there are also things specifically you can do so as to wind up being happier with the amount you are paying for the power.

Things like what? Well, like, for example, making small changes in your habits when it comes to the appliances you are using and the time of the day you are using them. Electricity is usually cheapest during the night, so you may want to turn on your washing machines and dryers then. Additionally, changes as small as turning the lights off in rooms you’re not using, or unplugging all the devices you are not using and not leaving your chargers plugged in, can all add up to quite some savings. Then, there’s also the importance of proper insulation, as it can go a long way in capturing heat in your home and thus allowing you to use your heating devices for less periods of time, which will ultimately result in lower bills.

Is there, however, anything else you can do apart from making those behavioral changes and insulating your home? There appears to be! Did you know that the price of your electricity depends on, apart from the supply and the demand and other important market factors, the actual contract you have signed with one of the suppliers? If this is new to you, then you should take a few moments to think about it carefully.

It will definitely dawn on you rather quickly. The company you’ve signed the contract with has to add certain fees, and those fees will undoubtedly have an impact on your overall bill. So, apart from changing your habits, you may also want to change the contract. This could undoubtedly be of great help in your efforts to save some money on electricity.

If you have thought about this already, and if you have decided to change your contract, then you have a big task ahead of you. The task of choosing the right new solution for yourself. And, naturally, when it comes to big tasks, people can also make some big mistakes. Since you definitely don’t want to make those mistakes yourself, you should take time to get familiar with them, so that you can later avoid them during your process of getting a new contract. Let me, thus, share some of the most common mistakes people tend to make in this process, so as to help you not repeat them.

  1. Choosing Randomly

When you are fed up with your current contract, and when you are sure that it is too expensive and just not right for you, chances are you will want to make a change as soon as possible. While there is nothing wrong with that, the simple truth is that being in a hurry could easily lead you towards making a random choice and just switching from one provider to another without actually getting a clearer idea on whether that is the better choice for you or not. Thus, you could wind up with a contract that is just as bad as the current one, and since that’s not what you want, I advise you to be careful here and to never make any random choices. Instead, do your research.

  1. Not Finding More Suppliers

You get that doing research is a must, but that doesn’t mean that you automatically know how to do it. Once again, this could lead to a mistake. You could wind up checking out just one or two suppliers, comparing them to your current one, and to one another, and making your choice. This, however, is not enough. As you will see if you go to bestestrøm.no/, there are numerous different suppliers and numerous different contracts, so comparing just two of them won’t do the trick.

What you should do instead is take time to find more suppliers. Ask around, checking if the people you know can have some recommendations to share. But also, search for those suppliers online, because most of them will have their official websites that will help you get a clearer overview of the deals they are offering and the contracts you could sign with them. And, of course, remember to use those comparison websites, such as the one I’ve mentioned above, to check out numerous contract options in more details, and to possibly filter your searches to fit your specific requirements, which will lead to more easily finding what you are looking for.

  1. Not Considering Your Consumption Habits

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that people make is assume that if, for example, one of their friends is happy with the contract they have, that they should go for the same one and they will be just as happy. While I get where this may be coming from, it is actually a rather wrong assumption that could lead to you signing an agreement that certainly won’t work well for you. Why, though? What is it that can be different between you and that friend of yours?

Well, your consumption habits, of course! And, those consumption habits will directly influence the amount you are paying for electricity, as well as the type of contract that could be best for you. While someone could benefit more from, say, a fixed price contract, someone else could find better use of a spot price contract, with a certain period of price guarantee. In short, you shouldn’t make any specific choices until you consider your consumption habits first and then get a clearer understanding of what kind of a contract could work best for you.

  1. Not Taking Time to Thoroughly Compare Different Plans

Above I have talked about the necessity of finding different plans and different suppliers and taking a closer look at them. But, you may have assumed that simply checking the fees is enough, and that you shouldn’t bother comparing those plans in more details. That is, of course, completely wrong, so it is another mistake that you could accidentally wind up making.

So, remember to avoid it. Instead of just flicking through the different plans, take your time to review them in details. Check the fees, of course, but also check the price guarantee if you’re going for the spot price. Basically, get in touch with the suppliers and review pretty much everything that you believe could affect the overall quality of your strøm plan. After all, you can spend lots and lots of time trying to change your consumption habits and to reduce your energy bill that way, and you can read about some of those reduction methods in this article, but it will mostly all be in vain if you don’t choose the right plan. And so as to choose the right plan, you’ll need to compare various ones in great details.

  1. Failing to Check the Binding Period

Here is another mistake that you could make in the process of comparing the plans and making your choice. In short, you could fail to check the binding period. When a contract comes with a binding period, it means that you can’t get out of it, that is, you can’t switch electricity suppliers, before a certain period of time passes. The great thing is that a lot of great suppliers don’t require any binding periods, meaning you will be able to make a change whenever you feel that it is time to do so.

  1. Not Checking Customer Feedback & Ignoring the Quality of Customer Service

You want to know what other people have to say about the quality of the plans you’re considering, and the quality of the overall services provided by the suppliers you have in mind, don’t you? You should! So, don’t forget to check customer feedback, aiming at inspecting said quality. Read reviews you can find online, and possibly talk to some of those past clients directly, if you have that option. In addition to that, aim at checking the quality of customer service, because you want the supplier to be there for you in case you have any issues with the power supply. Meaning, thus, that you should go for a provider that has stellar customer service.

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