6 Essential Tips on Choosing the Right White Marble Slabs

White marble slabs are in huge demand as it looks attractive and remains the first choice of every woman to have in their kitchen. If you are also one, then it is necessary to investigate some essential factors that help you choose the right White Marble.

Undoubtedly, marble is one of the best natural materials that offer you a variety of pieces and designs. Although, it offers a lovely pattern that simply invests in keeping your kitchen more striking that obviously, you can’t expect from the artificial materials. White marbles can be observed in temples and mosque for construction work. 

  1. Don’t Want Stains? Add White Marble Countertops:

However, it is your personal choice whether you want to stick with colored marbles slab or white. White flooring is durable and easy to clean, it is the reason they are used for kitchen. Counter tops and floor work can be easily installed within less time. 

As per Nussbaum, he generally recommends White Marble of high quality that can be compared to the other marbles such as Italian white marbles, Calacatta and Statuario. These are made of exceptionally high- quality and available for everyone at an affordable price.

  1. Check The Different Patterns:

White Marble Slabs are available in different patterns, so you can easily choose the pattern and design that is suitable for your kitchen. According to Nussbaum, Crosscut, Fleuri cut, and stone slabs are perfect choices to enhance the look of your kitchen. Designers have used their minds in various ways so everyone can take the benefit of adding white slabs. 

  1. Try Some New Technology Waves:

With the development of technology, the marble industry has gone through massive change. Cherrington says there are now many ways to transform the product. It includes different brushing, polishing techniques, orange peel off, and texture. However, one of the most famous choices is the transform of White Marble into both glossy and matte. For those who are concerned about acid etching, Nussbaum recommends a hones finish. 

  1. Curve Edges of White Marble Slabs:

Apart from its attractive nature, white marble has been famous historically since it is flexible to tools. With the computer numerical control mining machine, marble cutting in different shapes and design is possible for kitchen decoration. On the marketplace, many curved edge countertops out there, but choosing the smooth curved marble countertop is best, as it enhances the functionality. 

  1. Find The Difference Between Cracks & Fissures in White Marble:

Cracks simply showcase the inability to handle marble or dropped while fissures are different. Fissure is a naturally occurring feature in the marble that occurs after some time and does not affect the surface of the marble. In simple words, Fissures are part of the stone.

  1. Maintain Your White Marble Slabs:

If you want to keep your white marble protected for long years, then penetrate with sealer is necessary. Acids will etch the surface of marble, but if it is coated with a honed finish, the stains or marks can be easily removed. For regular cleaning of the stains and grease it can be done with the help of scotch bright cleaner. One more benefit of using marble is you can always polish and renew it after some time without any large investment.

Final Words-
Unlike other materials, you can repair and enjoy a long-lasting finish with White Marble Slabs. Also, these are highly durable and doesn’t need high maintenance cost. With the use of a honed finish, the marble can last up to years, and even it prevents damages, especially stains or others. Hence, investing in the right white marble is always beneficial.

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