6 Destinations Trending for Digital Nomads

The past two years have inspired a greater understanding of how to work remotely. Many workers were forced into working from home during the pandemic. Even with a steep learning curve, many companies allow their employees to continue working remotely, creating opportunities for people who’ve dreamed of becoming digital nomads. 

If you are considering launching into a work-from-the-road situation or are already traveling and want some new ideas for your next destination, here are six destinations that are currently trending for digital nomads. 

  1. Costa Rica

As one of the happiest countries in the world, Costa Rica has much to offer digital nomads. Excellent coffee, world-famous beaches, tropical weather, incredible cuisine and exciting nightlife make this a number one destination for adventure-seeking travelers. 

While Costa Rica isn’t as inexpensive as other Central American countries, it’s worth spending time there. Pay close attention to information about your access to high-speed internet before settling on a specific place to stay. Costa Rica has a reputation for less-than-stellar connectivity. There are fewer opportunities to find free internet in public spaces than in other more technologically developed countries. 

Expats living in Costa Rica list the climate there as one of the top reasons they decided to settle in this beautiful country. There’s no winter, so it’s perfect for digital nomads who prefer a hot and humid climate. 

  1. Portugal

Living in Portugal provides great value for your money, and it’s a popular destination for digital nomads so you’ll have a built-in community of like-minded workers. Lisbon is the capital, and it’s especially popular for its rooftop restaurants with views of the surrounding hills. 

Internet connections are typically reliable, here. With a number of cafes and coworking spaces, there’s a great deal of demand for high-speed internet, and Lisbon doesn’t disappoint. 

Many residents and visitors speak English, so you’ll get along fine here even if you don’t speak Portuguese. A string of Atlantic beaches makes this an ideal destination for surfing enthusiasts, so if you prefer to spend your non-working hours in the sand, consider Portugal as your next destination. 

  1.  Thailand

The city of Chiang Mai in Thailand ranks high on The NomadList due to its ultra-low cost of living and excellent internet connectivity. There are many coworking spaces and excellent restaurants in the city. 

Chiang Mai was once known as a religious community, with hundreds of Buddhist temples surrounded by mountains. The city is 310 meters above sea level and is the second-largest community in Thailand. 

In general, it’s easy for visitors to spend time in Thailand due to their leniency about temporary visas. So if you are looking for a place to put down shallow roots as a digital nomad, Chiang Mai deserves a place on your list. 

  1. South Africa

If you’ve dreamed of visiting South Africa, but weren’t sure where to start, Cape Town is a popular choice for digital nomads. This area of South Africa has beautiful beaches, mountains, and reasonably affordable living costs. You can choose from thousands of Airbnb accommodations or opt for coliving or hostels. 

English is the official language in the area, and digital nomads who travel through South Africa say that the culture is friendly and welcoming. 

There are some concerns with safety and reliable internet connectivity, so it’s best to do your research and choose your neighborhood carefully if you plan to live and work in Cape Town. 

  1. France

Expats living in France visit for the iconic experiences and stay for the lifestyle, food and wine. Paris, Marseille and Lyon are popular destinations, but it’s smart to visit a few locations before deciding where to settle in. 

The Atlantic side of the country is cooler, but the Mediterranean has plenty to offer in addition to calming ocean views. The Pyrenees and Alps mountain ranges provide varying climates, and with the range of terrains, you can experience four distinct seasons. No matter where you visit in France, you are no further than a day’s drive from the opposite side of the country. 

You can get a permit that allows you to stay in France for 90 days in a 180-day period or apply for a long-stay national visa if you plan to stay more than three months if you are an EU citizen. 

  1. Hungary

Working and living in Budapest provides a low-cost lifestyle with nightlife and the charm of an older city. Many digital nomads choose to settle in Pécs, which provides unending historic architecture combined with modern coworking spaces and plenty of excitement. No matter where you decide to work in Hungary, you are in close proximity to reliable internet in coffee shops where people gather to collaborate and work. 

If you want to stay for a while as a digital nomad in Hungary, you can apply for a new type of residence permit designed to meet the needs of digital nomads called the White Card. This temporary residence permit allows digital nomads to live and work in Hungary for one year and can be extended to include an additional year. To get approved, you must provide proof that you have an income of at least 2,000 Euros per month and have received at least this much income for the six months before your visit. You’ll also need to prove that you have secured accommodations in a building on the real estate register with a rental agreement or lease.

No matter where you decide to travel as you pursue your dream of becoming a digital nomad, it’s crucial to thoroughly research your destination. Understand your options for accommodations, the available technology and the culture before deciding whether a location may be suitable. Many digital nomads are interested in how eco-friendly the destination is, so clean tech is always a consideration, along with the availability of EVs and chargers, or public transportation.

Most importantly, have a backup plan. There are certain circumstances that you can’t predict, and for many digital nomads, missing work due to travel delays or problems with accommodations can cause serious financial problems. 

Living the life of a digital nomad can be a dream come true, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that goes into setting up your next temporary home base.

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