5 Ways to Utilize Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a green, sprawling outdoor area or a compact patio and patch of grass, it’s possible to create an outdoor recreational area. Using tips from landscape professionals and decorators, anyone can create a dining and entertainment center using available space. To maximize space, add comfortable seating and include a dash of style to make outdoor areas come alive. Include a dining section and mood lighting to turn the outdoors into an inviting place to gather, eat, or relax. Here are five ways to make the most of an outdoor living area.

1. Plan an Entertainment Area Around Available Space

Maximize outdoor space by sectioning off a backyard for various uses. For instance, install hedges and fences to create cooking, relaxing, and gardening niches. Create interconnected areas using furniture, flowers, and pathways to make small areas look more spacious.

Adding an outdoor kitchen instantly creates an entertainment hub ideal for everyday dining and gatherings. The available space is critical when considering designs for your outdoor grill station. Kitchens can be as small as a grill and cabinetry but, when space allows, include elaborate features like a pizza oven, sink, and fireplace.

2. Introduce Style to the Outdoors 

Designing an outdoor living area is a chance to put a personal stamp on the space by using your home’s decor as a style guide. Use colors and textures to create a theme. For example, add washable throw pillows, rugs, and furnishings that coordinate with your indoor furnishings. 

Too many pillows and bold colors can overwhelm smaller outdoor spaces, but choosing neutral colors will make the area seem larger. Furniture and pillows not only add flair but also create comfortable, appealing seating.

3. Add Guest Seating 

In addition to seats for dining, add plenty of guest seating to an outdoor area. If space is limited, consider folding chairs or benches that work as plant stands. DenGarden experts suggest using stylish, space-saving outdoor furniture in small areas. 

When working with a larger outdoor space, the dining and seating areas can direct attention to specific focal points or features. For example, a bench, chairs, or even a table near an eye-catching garden is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the view.  

4. Design an Oasis

Per New York Times real estate professionals, a backyard can become an ideal refuge by adding features that provide rest, relaxation, or just a place to escape to.

5. Use Lighting for Safety and Ambiance

There’s nothing quite like twinkling lights to give outdoor spaces a festive feeling at night, and adding lights does not have to be expensive. Just hanging lights above a patio deck, pergola, or pavilion creates charm and a warm glow.

Install lights along pathways, steps, and areas with changing elevations to help prevent accidents. Path lighting adds interest and increases safety. Add functional lighting to tables so that diners can see their meals. Create well-lit cooking areas to ensure food is cooked correctly, and to prevent accidents.  

Landscape professionals can also recommend light fixtures that accent areas like water features or other lovely places. 

With some planning, a backyard can go from an underused space to an appealing entertainment area. Anyone can create a stylish outdoor cooking area with comfortable seating by using professional tips. With some planning, an average patio can also be transformed into a relaxing refuge. Add carefully placed lighting to create an enchanting setting ideal for everyday use and special occasions.

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