5 Vintage Toys Worth a Lot of Money (2022)

Did you know almost 40% of Americans collect something? Whether it’s coins or vintage toys, people enjoy collecting items for the nostalgia it makes them feel or to invest in something worth a lot of money.

If you have a collection of vintage toys, you might want to know how much they’re worth. This guide will discuss some of the most valuable vintage toys out there. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. An Original Furby Toy

If you’re a child of the late 90s, you might be very familiar with the popular Furby.

While kids of today don’t play with Furbies anymore, you might have had a collection in your childhood bedroom. With nostalgia for the 90s in full swing, the Furby has become one of the many popular collectible toys once again.

People are willing to pay up to a grand for the original toy if kept in good condition.

2. Vintage Barbie Dolls

Children of all decades have played with Barbie dolls, and they continue to be popular toys to this day.

The 1959 original Barbie tops the list of retro toys, however. The blonde Barbie in the white and black swimsuit and heels hails from that original collection. If you have this Barbie in good condition, it could be worth over $20,000.

3. Dungeons and Dragons Action Figures

Some of the most popular retro 80s toys are the Dungeons and Dragons action figures used during the decade.

While the game became popular in the mid-70s, the toys were first introduced in 1983. Kids and adults today still enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons.

If any fans of the game saved their action figures all these years, they could be worth hundreds of dollars. Action figures preserved in their original boxes could sell for up to $400 apiece.

4. Vintage Coca-Cola Bottles

While these aren’t exactly toys, they are nostalgic items people like to collect. Old coca-cola bottles might seem like trash to some, but they can be worth a lot of money to others.

Vintage coca-cola bottles from the early 1900s can be sold for up to $100,000 each. This is a great price for a bottle that cost only a few cents to buy back then. These soda bottles are worth so much because there are so few left in that particular design.

5. A First Edition Harry Potter Book

While many of these vintage toys are hard to find, there are other valuable collectible items you might have at home. If you were a fan of the Harry Potter series from the start, you might have something worth thousands of dollars.

A first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone can sell for more than $6,000 these days.

These Vintage Toys Might Be Worth Preserving

If you have any of the vintage toys mentioned on this list, you could be sitting on thousands of dollars. Vintage coca-cola bottles or retro action figures are just a few items people love to collect and are willing to pay for.

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