5 Vehicle Accident Claim Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

One second everything is normal, and the next, you’re dealing with a car accident and perhaps injuries. It can be shocking.

An accident can rattle you so much that you might have trouble thinking clearly. That’s when you can make a mistake that will sabotage your claim against the other driver’s insurance company.

Would you like to lower your chances of saying or doing something damaging against your case? If so, pay attention to these five vehicle accident claim mistakes drivers often make and how to avoid them.

1. Not Calling the Police

There’s very little excuse for not calling the police in a vehicle accident case. After all, your mobile phone is always within arm’s reach.

Initially, you may think the accident isn’t a big deal, but time could prove differently. For example, when you wake up the following day, you may have the worst body aches of your life.

A police report can help establish who’s at fault. Without a statement, the other driver could later claim that you were the cause of the accident. Even worse, that driver could instigate a lawsuit against you.

2. Not Getting a Medical Checkup

Don’t try to diagnose your health after an accident. Even doctors visit other doctors to get an unbiased opinion. So, take the time to let competent medical professionals give you a thorough checkup. Tell them exactly what happened to you, and they’ll know which possible injuries they should look for.

Injuries may show later rather than immediately. Sometimes you have so much adrenaline pumping through your system that you can’t accurately gauge your condition.

If you skip the checkup, you’ll have a much harder time building a case. The insurance company will make a significant point of your refusal to get medical attention right after sustaining a vehicle accident injury.

3. Talking About Your Accident

Do you love to chat? This is one time when you have to squash the urge.

Anything you say the insurance company can later use against you. So, first of all, don’t apologize to the other driver if the accident wasn’t your fault. And don’t mention to the other party that you were thinking about the upcoming big meeting scheduled with your boss. Any suggestion that you were distracted will work against you.

Likewise, don’t discuss the case on social media. Once again, your words will be used against you.

For similar reasons, don’t post pictures and text about going to parties, concerts, cookouts, etc. The insurance company will question how badly you feel if you could engage in social activities.

4. Thinking the Insurance Company Is a Neutral Party

The other driver’s insurance company is not interested in helping you. Their representatives may seem friendly and personable, but you must always remember that they work for the other side.

Their assignment is to save the company money. They will try to get you to accept a ridiculously small amount of money as compensation for your injuries and damaged vehicle. So, don’t sign any auto accident claim documents without legal assistance.

5. Not Getting Legal Help

People in car accidents are often highly competent business professionals used to taking care of matters alone. However, they quickly realize they’re in over their heads once they face the legal staff of the opposing insurance carrier.

Professional help is needed from everything from the claim filing process to a possible court trial. for example, an attorney can make sure that you don’t miss your claim filing deadline.

That’s why you should bring onboard experienced accident attorneys that. know how to negotiate with insurers. Play it smart and contact these car accident lawyers. Let them use their experience to get you the settlement you deserve.

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