5 Things to Look For When Choosing Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Modern living is often fast-paced and not everyone has the time or the energy to deep-clean an entire home. Many people would rather spend their free time with their families rather than cleaning. In fact, hiring cleaners can even make you happier, reduce stress, and help you enjoy your home more.

The same goes for commercial spaces as well. They need to be clean, disinfected, fresh, and ready for the employees, especially as more and more people return to the workplace after working from home.

Keep reading to learn what to look for in high-quality cleaning and janitorial services and what to avoid before you hire a cleaning company.

1. Great Quality and Reputation

The first and most important thing to look for in a janitorial service is reputation. There are hundreds of cleaning companies out there but only a select few are worth the money.

You want a company with stellar customer service and one that can provide references, positive reviews, and top-notch services. You can easily discover a company’s reputation by researching online or on websites like the Better Business Bureau. You can read reviews, see if the customers are happy with the service, and even check price ranges.

After all, you’re allowing them into your home or office so you need to be able to trust them and rely on them to get the job done.

2. Licenses, Permits, and Insurance

Before you hire office cleaning Sydney services, you need to make sure the company is legally permitted to perform work. They also need to be fully bonded and insured so you won’t be held liable for any accidents or injuries that occur on your property. This documentation will also protect you from theft or missing and damaged items.

Ask the company to show you their permits, insurance, and licenses. Don’t sign anything before you’re certain they’re legally permitted to work and have all the documentation necessary for their field.

Finally, make sure the cleaners are legally permitted to work in the country and have all the paperwork to prove it. There are many scams involving cleaning companies so take all the precaution steps to make sure everyone involved is safe.

3. Background Checks

Many cleaning companies hire their own full-time staff and when they do, they perform thorough background checks on the employees. This is to make sure they’re hiring workers who are trustworthy and reliable.

However, there are many cleaning companies that hire independent workers for a cheaper price. This means they have less control over their background and you’ll never know who you’re letting into your home. You also need to know exactly how many people will be in your home at all times.

You’ll also never get the same cleaning team which means you won’t get the same results each time they clean. It’s best to hire a cleaning service that has a steady full-time team that you can rely on for quality and safety.

Even if you hire a company with its own regular staff, you can still ask them about their background check policies and safety measures. If the company is legitimate and reputable, they won’t hesitate to show you their process and talk to you about safety.

If a company refuses to disclose this information or is avoiding the answer, move on and keep looking.

4. Modern High-Quality Cleaning Equipment

Most cleaning companies have their own cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies. These are stronger than the store-bought household cleaning supplies you might be using to ensure your home is thoroughly clean and disinfected.

You can always talk to the company about any ingredients you want to avoid or if you want them to use more natural products. Communicate your needs in time, especially if you have allergies as some cleaning products contain chemicals that may linger in the air after the cleaning is done.

Depending on your personal health needs, you can always find green cleaning companies that only use natural products. These are safer for you and your family but also for your pets. A lot of these products are free from harmful chemicals and fragrances but do the same job as their regular counterparts.

5. Customized Services

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to cleaning companies. Each one offers different services for different prices depending on the clients’ needs. However, before you hire cleaners or janitorial services, make a list of the things you want to be cleaned in your home or office.

For example, commercial janitorial cleaning for your office or commercial building includes cleaning the hallways, stairs, and floors but may not include windows, desks, vacuuming, or toilets. You can also request the cleaners to wash the dishes and clean the coffee machines for an extra fee. It’s important to define your needs before hiring a company to make sure you’re on the same page.

For residential cleaning, do you need surface cleaning or deep cleaning? For instance, some cleaners will clean your kitchen sink but won’t load the dishwasher or wash the dishes unless you specifically ask for that. They also won’t clean the oven or inside the microwave unless you request this as an additional service.

In other words, most cleaning crews don’t clean inside cupboards or appliances as well as windows and doors as part of the regular cleaning rate. You should expect to pay additional fees for these extra services and the level of cleanliness you’d like to see.

Finding the Best Cleaning and Janitorial Services Is Easy With These Tips

Whether you’re looking for professional home cleaners or commercial janitors, cleaning and janitorial services can save you time and money. From researching online to getting recommendations from people you trust, you can have a clean, germ-free space in no time.

Define your cleaning needs ahead of time, communicate them with the cleaning company, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The best way to find cleaners you can trust is to follow your gut and listen to your intuition.

Want more tips on how to keep your home or office space sparkling clean? We’ve written all about these topics so head over to our blog to learn more.

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