5 Signs You Need to Call a Commercial Pest Control Company

Microbial diseases and infections are among the public health concerns caused by pests. Serious and even fatal diseases can be spread and triggered by creepy crawlers.

If you believe you have pest problems in your commercial office, you need to deal with the problem right away. Without immediate action, you put your staff and customers at risk.

How do you know if you should call a commercial pest control company? Keep reading to find out.

1. You Spot a Pest

The most obvious sign that you should call commercial pest control services is that you spot a pest in the office. If you spot one or a few, it’s possible that there is an infestation or one looming.

You’re likely to see pests when you switch on the lights as they hurry to find a hiding place. There is a good chance others are hiding out somewhere if you see one or two of them.

2. You Find Droppings or Urine Trails

You should call a commercial pest control company if you spot droppings or urine trails. This is typically a sign that your office building is home to unusual visitors.

Not only do you have a pest problem, but droppings and urine trails are unsanitary and make your place of business seem unclean to clients.

You can easily see rat droppings but smaller pest droppings are hard to notice. An expert pest exterminator can spot tiny droppings and fumigate based on their findings.

3. You Notice Property Damage

Ants, termites, and rats are notorious for damaging property. They can cause extensive damage that can lead to costly repairs.

If you notice holes in the floors or walls, you have existing property damage likely from pests. They look for places where they can nest and store food.

Some will feed on paper so your office documents are at risk as well.

If you find any of these signs, only a commercial pest control service can help.

4. You’ve Dealt With a Past Infestation

If you’ve had a pest problem in the past, it’s time to call pest control services. Attempting to take care of the problem on your own won’t bring success.

Be wiser this time around and schedule professional pest inspection and extermination to eradicate the issue for good. Learn more information about how a pest company can end a reoccurring problem.

5. You Hear Odd Sounds

If you hear odd sounds that aren’t normally heard in the office, it could be a sign of a pest problem.

If you have rodents in the office, you might hear scurrying sounds behind walls or in small spaces. You can often hear scraping and scratching sounds as well.

Termites also make noises that are loud enough to hear. A professional pest control company can identify the pest that is causing the noise and end the infestation for you.

Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company Now

Pest infestations are extreme problems in a commercial building. Not only are they health concerns, but they also deter customers from coming to your place of business.

Don’t get a bad reputation! If you notice any of these five signs in your office, hire a commercial pest control company right away.

After you deal with pests in your home, read more articles on how to improve business on our website.

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