5 Signs a Marriage Cannot Be Saved

There’s a saying in divorce law: “You’re only as sick as your secrets.” That’s because even the best marriage can fall apart under extenuating circumstances.

Between keeping secrets, struggling with addiction, or being unfaithful, even the savviest of couples may have difficulty staying together.

But what if your issues run deeper than conscience? What if your marriage cannot be saved from the fundamental breakdown of the relationship?

Certain clinical parameters are hard to argue with, and those are the symptoms we’re going to discuss today.

Here are the five unequivocal signs a marriage cannot be saved. Keep reading!

1. Bigamy

A marriage cannot be saved if either party is already married to someone else. This is considered bigamy and illegal in most countries. If one party discovers that the other is already married, it is a sign that the marriage is ill-fated.

Trust has been broken, and it would be difficult to move past this. Even if the offended party may be willing to forgive and forget, it is unrealistic to expect an issue with such magnitude as bigamy to simply die down.

2. Criminal Behavior

One sign of a marriage that cannot be saved is the tendency for criminal behavior by one or both spouses. This can include violence, theft, or other illegal activities.

If a spouse is unwilling to seek help for their criminal behavior, it is unlikely that the marriage can be saved. If both spouses are unwilling to accept help, there is no way for the marriage to hold up against the pressures of crime.

3. Lack of Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It is an essential ingredient in any close relationship, and without it, partners can easily become disconnected and resentful.

If you find that you are in an unfulfilled relationship where you always feel misunderstood or unimportant, it may be wise to seek outside help. If the problem persists, it could be time to go separate ways for good.

4. Untreated Addiction

Addiction creates an insurmountable barrier between married couples. The addicted spouse becomes too preoccupied with their addiction and can no longer function within the union.

This can lead to financial problems, as well as infidelity and other moral failings. Addiction will tear a marriage apart, and it is very difficult to rebuild a relationship after addiction has destroyed it.

5. Lack of Affection

If there is a lack of affection in a marriage, it is often one of the first signs that the marriage cannot be saved. Without it, couples often begin to grow apart and may even start to resent each other.

If you are in a marriage where there is little to no affection, talk to your partner about your concerns. If they are unwilling to work on the issue despite your repeated efforts, divorce may be the only option, and here’s what to know about it.

Knowing the Signs a Marriage Cannot Be Saved

Some marriages are disasters spelled within the four corners of a relationship, where there is no other way for either partner but out.

In the face of these five signs a marriage cannot be saved, it is usually better to accept them than have them create deeper torment for everyone involved, if not bring a screeching, potentially tragic, end.

We’ve all seen it happen, and you don’t want it happening to you.

We’d like to make things easier for you in a whole lot of ways. Check out more of our tips and advice through our articles in this blog. Keep reading!

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