5 Popular Characteristics Of Mid-Century Modern Homes in Palm Springs

As the name suggests, mid-century modern homes were built during the mid-20th century – generally between the 1930s and 1960s. Mid-century modern homes were designed to take advantage of the stunning desert landscapes of California and other southwestern states. If you’re thinking of buying a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs, here are some of the most popular characteristics of mid-century modern homes. 

Characteristics of Mid-Century Modern Homes in Palm Springs

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  1.  Large Windows to Capture Natural Light

Mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs are noted for their large windows, which connect the indoors with nature. In place of regular walls, glass is used as an alternative. The house had large glass walls, but this made it impossible to get any real privacy; nevertheless, the lightness of the structure was innovative for its era.

Also, many mid-century modern homes in Palm Springs have open floor plans to take advantage of the natural light flooding through the windows. Today, many people seek out mid-century homes because they offer a bright and airy feel.

  1. Neutral Colors And Minimalistic Aesthetic

While many colors trend in and out of style, the classic neutrals never go out. From the 1950s to 1960s, designers often used palettes with bright and earthy hues.

Like the Scandinavian design, the mid-century modern style is minimalist—it emphasizes simplicity and restraint. Their living rooms are characterized by their simplicity, with a few pieces completing the look. The exterior of the Mid-Century Modern home is often boxy and neutral, using brick or wood paneling for siding.

  1. Emphasis on Nature

Many rooms will have multiple outdoor views and access points to encourage a sense of harmony with nature. Windows are often large enough to let natural light into the room through open or sliding doors. The natural world is also reflected in other ways, such as using raw materials and houseplants for decoration.

  1. Clean Lines, Flat Surfaces, Geometric Shapes, And Changes In Elevation

Flat planes and clean lines define this style, whose iconic feature is the low-slung roofline. Geometric patterns, such as those seen in starbursts, atomic forms, and boomerangs, are often used to add character to a room.

Mid-Century Modern houses typically have short staircases – even just a few steps – that connect rooms. Partial walls, cabinetry, and centered fireplaces all add visual interest to a room.

  1. Functional And Well-Balanced Rooms

When considering the furniture and décor in a room, it is essential to assess how well they balance each other. Too much or too little of either can make a space feel overcrowded or empty, respectively. Mid-century modern homes tend to strike an ideal balance between the two extremes by maximizing the function of each room.


Mid-century modern homes are becoming increasingly popular as people seek home designs different from traditional styles. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a mid-century modern home in Palm Springs. These iconic homes often feature clean lines and open floor plans that make the most of their desert surroundings.

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