5 Future Technology Predictions of 2022

If the future is now, then the past two years of the pandemic might have felt like a little bit of a dystopian version at times.

But those two years have also shown us something else. They’ve reminded us of humanity’s ability to use its endless ingenuity in the face of challenges.

That’s especially true in the fields of science and technology that have made great strides recently to make the world a better place. 

So what’s next for technology? There’s certainly a lot going on, so we’ve narrowed it down to a shortlist of the five best future technology predictions for 2022. 

1. Telemedicine

Remote work and Zoom meetings were prominent features of the pandemic. Technological advances mean that many workers can now do their jobs from the comfort of their homes.

But what about for customers?

One of the most notable evolutions is in the healthcare sector. Doctors replaced in-person consultations with phone and video consultations. That trend will accelerate in 2022.

It is more cost-effective and a more flexible option for patients. It will also help healthcare providers serve patients more efficiently.

2. Data-Driven AI

Developers are working hard to improve the application of AI in software.

Development teams’ current focus is on advanced self-learning and self-awareness in artificial intelligence. That could potentially result in exponential-level advancements in AI in the next ten years.  

AI will also become more data-driven. Machines will begin to use open and publically-available data to advance and evolve. 

3. Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting 2022 tech trends is virtual reality. Virtual reality will mature from the gaming industry and find a home in other vital sectors where this technology offers huge potential.

Take medicine, for example. Medical schools will be able to use virtual reality for training practitioners.

And corporations globally are enthusiastic about using virtual reality in marketing and sales. There will come a time shortly when you can order your groceries in a virtual supermarket! 

4. Data Ownership

There has been a long-standing assumption that when you browse the internet, your data rests in the hands of those high-tech companies using cookies.

Vast amounts of data intelligence on users and their browsing behavior have landed in the hands of big companies, primarily used for advertising.

Advances in data security and data privacy will see a new trend emerge in 2022.

5. Automotive In-Vehicle Technology

Cars are getting smarter. Self-driving technology will advance in 2022. Drivers will begin to experience some of the most high-tech innovations around, such as virtual assistant technology.

Drivers will also see upgrades to their in-car entertainment systems, with streaming technology that will help keep those young passengers quiet on long journeys. 

One challenge in the coming year for any further innovations from the automotive industry will be the ongoing chip shortage

Five Future Technology Predictions

With virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and self-driving cars, you could argue that the future is already here.

Keep your eyes on these five future technology predictions this year and see how many exciting innovations make it into everyday life. 

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