5 Dogecoin Predictions All Investors Should Know

Dogecoin, once just a practical joke of a ‘meme coin’ designed by tech-minded pranksters, is currently worth over $30 billion. People across the world are beginning to pay attention to Dogecoin as it shoots to the moon, with more cryptocurrency investors than ever curious about the possibilities of buying Dogecoin.

So, should you invest in the Shiba-Inu-mascotted cryptocurrency? What are the 2022 Dogecoin predictions? Is the meme coin still heading to the moon, or is it plummeting back to Earth?

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1. Will Investors Hold?

The watchword of every crypto subreddit is ‘hold’ (or ‘HODL’, as it’s often written). That can be great news for Dogecoin buyers, since investors not selling their coin stocks is good for the price.

So, will Dogecoin’s current investors hold? It depends on how things look. So long as Dogecoin keeps getting boosted by big name celebs like Elon Musk and its price keeps climbing, it’s likely they’ll continue to hang on to their investments.

2. Will the Price Rise?

Dogecoin price is an esoteric thing, understandable to economists and tech whizz-kids. Still, if you take into account the various factors affecting it, you can plot a general trajectory for its price.

Right now, things look pretty good for Dogecoin’s price. The price per coin is climbing and there aren’t many signs of a mass sell-off.

3. Will the Price Fall?

And yet, sometimes things happen that are outside the realm of prediction. A tremor in the market could prompt cryptocurrency investors to start dumping the coin en masse, which could lead to a big price dump and a lot of lost money.

Still, the charts would indicate that’s not very likely to happen.

4. What Could Impact Dogecoin’s Price in the Near Future?

Dogecoin still isn’t offered in as many places as bigger name cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, despite its meme coin status and big celebrity backers. If Dogecoin keeps trying to partner with big exchanges and put its name out there, it’s not unlikely that the price will continue to rise in the long-term.

5. Will Dogecoin Continue to Receive Big Celeb Bumps?

One of Dogecoin’s biggest advantages over its competitors is the cult status it has earned from backers like Elon Musk. When one of the richest (and most vocal) men in the world talks up your cryptocurrency, it tends to do good things to the price.

So will Elon’s Dogecoin evangelism continue? Probably. After all, the man himself is an investor in the coin, and he wants a return as much as the next cryptocurrency investor.

Dogecoin Predictions: Much Price, So Moon

So there you have it, a few Dogecoin predictions to help savvy investors decide whether or not to put their hard-earned cash towards the memiest coin around. Whether you’re a crypto novice or a Bitcoin magnate, there’s something in here to help you decide what to do with your money.

So get out there and invest!

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