5 Customer Retention Tactics That Really Work

Approximately 20 percent of small businesses fail within their first year of opening their doors. Failure can result from poor business practices or just the local market.

Regardless, your customers will make or break your business. You have to find a way to draw in customers and then keep customers. Keep reading to learn customer retention tactics that will help keep business coming your way. 

1. Survey Your Customers

You won’t know the best customer retention strategies if you don’t understand your customers. To learn what customers want, conduct informal surveys. You can have customers fill out surveys when they do business with you or just have online surveys available through your social media platform. 

Once you understand what customers want, you can begin delivering better service to meet their needs. When you respond positively to the surveys, you’ll automatically prove your loyalty to customer service and thus retain customers. 

2. Engage in Community Service

The best customer retention metrics will tell you that customers love when businesses take care of their communities.  

Look at what your business does best, and ask yourself how you can contribute positively to the community. What do you want to be known for? 

For example, if you’re a tech service company, can you go into the local school and talk to students about tech careers? Can you offer sound tech advice about cybersecurity? Little actions like this will show your care for the community around you and ultimately help you retain customers. 

3. Use Discounts and Loyalty Programs

To increase customer retention, give customers a reason to keep coming back. Offer them a loyalty program that includes discounts for repeat business. Give them a discount when they refer other people to your business. 

Your customers will save money, and you will build your business by having customers return. 

4. Inform Your Customers

Keep your customers informed of changing hours and new services by using every means possible. Pick a social media platform, and then use it purposefully to let customers know about deals and specials at your business. You’ll find yourself measuring customer retention based on the number of likes and hits you receive on your accounts. 

5. Focus on Customer Service

You can run all the deals and specials possible, but if you have lousy customer service you will not retain customers. The best customer retention examples stem back to one thing: excellent customer service.

To maximize the possibility of retaining customers, look into hiring a customer service representative. Articles such as this post best explain how a professional customer service representative will allow you to focus the business of your business rather than dealing with customers. 

Use Customer Retention Tactics 

Do not try to wing it or believe that customers will keep coming back just because you offer a good product. Use these customer retention tactics to retain customers and build your business. People want to frequent businesses that care about their community and that offer them sweet perks as well. 

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