5 Creative Cabinet Organization Ideas

A whopping 91 percent of people feel overwhelmed by the clutter in their home, with 88 percent of them eager to get rid of it.

As the heart of the house, the kitchen often bears the brunt of our disorganized ways, with cupboards and cabinets turning into dumping grounds in a matter of days. Luckily, there are ways to improve your cabinet organization and streamline your kitchen for a more functional feel.

Want to know how to declutter your kitchen? Keep reading for some of our top cabinet organization ideas!

1. Reconsider Your Cabinet Contents

The key to getting organized is seeing how much space you have to work with and deciding how you want to fill that space. It’ll be a lot easier to declutter your cabinet contents once you rethink how much of it you even use.

That said, it may be your cabinets that are at fault. If they’re too small or distributed in an inconvenient way, cabinet remodeling can make it easier to achieve your cabinet organization dreams.

2. Decant Your Staples

Nothing creates cluttered cabinets faster than a ton of half-empty packets and boxes. One of the best tactics to avoid this is to decant your pantry staples – such as sugar, grains, and pasta – in matching clear containers.

As well as maximizing space, this method keeps your products fresh and makes it easier to see when you need to stock up. Remember to label the containers so that everyone knows what’s what.

3. Use Baskets and Bins

Working out how to organize products of all different sizes and shapes together can be tricky. One way to solve this problem is by adding baskets and bins either inside your cabinets or on the inside of the doors.

You can then use these small storage solutions for spare sponges and cloths in your cleaning cabinet. Or, for packets of peanuts, popcorn, and dried fruit in the cabinet where you keep your food and snacks.

4. Divide and Conquer

Keeping like with like makes it easier to find what you need. But it’s much easier to store saucepans or stack plastic storage containers when you keep the lids elsewhere. For example, you could place hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors for pot lids. And you could keep your plastic containers stacked in a deep drawer and your lids in the regular-sized drawer above it.

5. Separate Your Spices

Spices often present a problem when you’re trying to organize your cabinets. While they might be essential ingredients for almost every recipe, those little jars can easily get lost in a cabinet packed with other ingredients.

Depending on your kitchen’s layout and storage options, you might want to store your spices laid flat in a drawer. Another option is to install a spice rack on the inside of a cabinet door, or even on some empty wall space above your countertop.

Creative Cabinet Organization Tips

Getting to grips with cabinet organization might not be the most exciting way to spend your time.

But trust us, once your cabinets are free from clutter, it’ll be a lot easier to find what you need and cook up a storm in your kitchen!

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