5 Conventional Ways to Engage New Social Media Followers

With the advancement of technology, the human race has been exposed to a new battle: engaging and hooking social media audiences to your online content. Some people get lucky with it and become social media celebrities overnight. However, this is not true and possible in everyone’s case. 

Indian Smm Panel starts your journey to success again! Being a teacher, I have to fight this battle every day. Engaging a bunch of middle-schoolers is like a walk in the park, and the park is Jurassic Park. TRUST ME. If I can keep them engaged, you can also hook your audience to your social media platform. To engage an audience, you must first know how and why to engage it.

Ways to Engage the New Followers:

It is no secret that the ultimate goal of every social media player is to get their platform monetized to generate handsome passive income and create more earning opportunities. The only route to achieving this goal is to regulate at least as much traffic on one’s social media site as is prescribed. Come, let’s venture on this journey together and explore how to captivate our social media followers. The following 5 easy ways should be enough to get you started.

Know Your Audience: 

Coming back to the crucial topic of regulating traffic, which is comprised of your target audience, it is substantial to note that without tapping on their right nerves, you can’t succeed. And you can only tap on the nerve when you know where it is. People often question how I manage to keep students wrapped around my finger. The answer is simple and easy; by getting to know them. How do I engage them during the lesson if I am oblivious to their demands and interests? How do I even plan my lesson? There, you are starting to understand this phenomenon.

The tone, language, and resources used will be distinctive for every other niche, product or service. I mean, you certainly can’t sell toys to a construction company. Can you? 

A deep insight into your audience’s interests and preferences will let you climb to the top of Google’s search ranking sooner than you could ever have thought. You can gain access to existing, potential and new followers’ preferences by following some simple steps:

Customer surveys (with focused questions relevant to your objectives) be vigilant about which social media channels/platforms your audience prefers through surveys, competitor activities and niche groups. Also, observe when your target audience is most available on these platforms to ensure active and direct connection and collaboration.

Innovative and Creative Content:

We often wrap up our writing skills-related tasks by having students showcase their ability to think out of the box and jot ideas with precision to establish an expected writing standard. However, it becomes very boring as a teacher if some students decide to copy the same to take credit. Some of my creative and hardworking students are uncomfortable with other class fellows, who tend to copy and paste their text, which they have only been able to produce after thorough research, scanning, skimming, editing and proofreading. 

Similarly, if I keep teaching students in a boring and traditional way, I will soon lose their attention, and the purpose of my lesson will remain unfulfilled. The audience and Google’s smart AI system can easily detect the slightest plagiarism. So, in case you are not serious about delivering optimized, premium quality services, you might want to avoid the comfort of copying, pasting, and rephrasing. Extensive research (keywords are extremely important in this regard), knowing your competitor (you are free to read through similar content to figure out how to present information more engagingly and which cherry on top can you offer) are the driving factors in presenting authentic and audience-gauging content. Audio and visuals also enhance content quality and catch the audience’s attention.

Optimize Your Own Social Media Profiles:

The term “SEO” does not only refer to websites but is also crucial to the longevity and prosperity of your social media platform. A strong social media optimization can divert and sustain heavy traffic on your website. So, pay close attention to details while preparing social media bios. You are a brand and must “sell” yourself accordingly. The right keywords and information will give you an energetic kick start to run uphill towards Google’s high ranking.

Post and Engage Consistently:

Consistency is the key to success in every field of life. If we look at the lives of successful people, who have left their mark on history, we will realize that one of their prominent qualities was “Consistency. The stronger your market presence, the higher your chances of leading the market. Know your audience’s preferences regarding interests, time, and platforms. 

It is now time that this hard work comes in handy. Post audience preferred unique and extraordinary content and positive feedback received by the audience regularly on your news feed. Do not ignore the importance of contacting your audience through your inbox.

Go Viral:

It is the most complicated yet effective way of turning all heads towards you. However, since you are circulating in your audience’s blood, you must trust your lucky stars and give it a go. Keep a close tap on what trends trigger your audience. Any content that arouses sentiments (positive or negative) in the audience or appeals to the human senses is likely to generate a massive load of traffic on your website or social media within the blink of an eye. Memes are the most common example of viral content. If your content goes viral, you will be a social media star in no time. Save an autograph for me, please!


The addiction to acquiring fame and wealth overnight has tarnished millions of talented minds’ will to work hard. Are you one of those people who are on the verge of losing their mind over the inability to generate and engage enough traffic on their social media platform? Hey! Don’t give up! This article will rekindle hope for success as an online entrepreneur, and Boom!

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