5 Brilliant Tips About How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Very few things are worse than a blocked drain. When water can’t get down, whether it’s in the shower, the sink, or the toilet, things get a little smelly in the house. And your daily functions become much more of a hassle.

But you’re not alone. Everyone needs help with blocked drain problems at some point or another. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to help you clear a blocked drain.

If you want to try saving some money and solve the issue yourself, then keep reading our guide to unblocking drain problems and learn five essential tips.

1. Try Boiling Water

Wondering how to clear blocked drain without spending any money?

A lot of the stuff that can clog a drain hardens with cold water. By pouring continuous streams of boiling water down the drain, the extended exposure to heat can melt away a lot of the gunk, helping it to come loose and make its way down the sewage line.

Plus, boiling water is non-toxic and free. Try using a few pots of boiling water before doing anything else.

2. Drain Cleaners

If the boiling water doesn’t work or doesn’t remove the gunk completely, move on to store-bought drain cleaners. There are many different types of simple drain cleaners to try.

Many require sitting overnight before using pouring water down the drain. If a clog is bad, it may require a couple of applications.

3. Clear a Blocked Drain With a Plunger

Plungers are another option that should be tried early on. They are simple to use, and smaller plungers are available for sinks. Continuous movements of the plunger push high-pressured air through the drain and can dislodge blockages. However, plungers don’t do too well with grease that has built up over time.

If plunging a sink, make sure to cover the overflow drain to create a proper seal to force more air through the drain.

4. Drain Snake or Auger

By using an auger or drain snake, you can get a sharp coil far into the drain to deal with blockages at the source. As the tip of the snake spins inside the drain, it cuts away at buildup. While these can be difficult to use, they are very effective for clearing a drain.

5. Call a Plumber

When in doubt, the best way to unblock drain problems is to hire a plumbing service. While you can buy many of the tools and chemicals that professional plumbers use, you don’t have the skills and knowledge to use them effectively.

Plumbers can take care of nearly any blockage in a matter of minutes, as they literally do it every single day. So if you’d like to get your drains clean without having to visit the hardware store five times, just call a plumber and make it easy for yourself.

Tips for Cleaning Our Drain Once and for All

There are many other ways to clear a blocked drain. It can be worth experimenting to find the option that works best for you. After all, you’re likely going to face this problem again in the future. So you might as well learn how to solve it now.

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