4 Ways To Overcome Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender bias in the workplace is still prevalent, even if gains have been made in closing the gender pay gap. There are many countries that have laws in place to prevent anyone from being discriminated against because of their gender, but unfortunately, it still continues. Often, women are afraid to speak up, or they are dismissed if they do.

Reducing gender bias in the workplace is essential to a more inclusive business environment. If you are in management, you have direct influence over gender bias and gender parity policies in your company. You can influence your environment for good by creating a workplace that is bias-free. Take the first step in improving your workplace by reading about four ways to help reduce gender bias.

Assess Your Current Workplace

The first step in reducing gender bias in the workplace is to evaluate your current environment. Take note of situations that could breed gender bias or places where it already exists. Survey your employees to discover their feelings about the topic. You could make the survey anonymous, so they will be more comfortable being completely honest in their feedback.

Educate Your Co-workers

The next step for gender bias reduction is to educate all levels of the business on the topic. Many people may not have a good understanding of gender bias. They may think that bias against women must involve something egregious. Instead, they need to understand that inherent biases exist with everyone. It is when these are confronted and rooted out that biases can be reduced.

You can help your female staff develop skills to advance as leaders in your company by offering them online courses in this area.

Reduce Gender Bias Within the Workplace

Take the next step to reduce gender bias within the workplace by making sure the pay rate is even across the board. Even though Pew Research indicates that women are catching up to men when it comes to earnings, it is still vital to assess your business for gender pay gaps.

If you notice any wage gaps between the rates of men and women, it is time to make the corrections. You could switch to a standardized pay rate to ensure equality for all.

Another way to help reduce gender bias is to allow flexible working options. Caregiving of children or someone elderly in the family often falls on women, therefore allowing both women and men the ability to do that without sacrificing their jobs means that your workplace will promote more gender equality. Being flexible will ensure women maintain the same privileges and status in the workplace as their counterparts.

Promote Mentoring Programs

Mentoring is an excellent way to develop a person’s skills and enhance confidence. When someone mentors another person, they impart knowledge to the other person and serve as a role model to them. In the workplace, you can use mentoring programs to assist with your goal of reducing gender bias. By ensuring that mentors and mentees identify as different genders you can help employees develop a better understanding of perspectives that are different from their own. Implement these tips for a more inclusive working environment.

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