4 Factors That Impact Performance Testing of E-Commerce Apps

E-Retailers have always encountered the problem of not being able to forecast the number of people who visit their site at one time. The history of e-commerce is filled with instances where the website crashed due to poor performance and increased user traffic. This has left the shoppers marooned and triggered a depression in the retailer’s brand image.

Now, some of the popular questions that arise include:

·         What steps can retailers take to deal with unexpected high traffic?

·         Do they need to look for the best performance testing tools?

The answer is in the adoption of a performance testing plan that takes four factors into account. Majority of the e-commerce companies adopt the best performance testing tools to guarantee flawless performance.  Sometimes, companies take assistance from performance testing tools.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting to you four factors that impact the performance testing of e-commerce applications.

Accessing Performance across Geographical Boundaries

It is very important for the e-retailers to guarantee that the performance of the website is not affected by the customers’ geographical location. The main work flows are required to evaluate for good performance on the customer base. Therefore, evaluation prior to the peak periods like grand sale and holiday season is done.

This assists businesses to generate excellent customer experience. The variation in devices and browsers is another imperative factor to be put into consideration. This incorporates working with marketing teams and technical teams to comprehend promotions and campaigns that are executed nicely.

Increased Attention To The Mobile

We are living in the mobile-first age. Therefore, it is very important to develop apps and websites that are mobile friendly. Performance testing for mobile apps guarantees that the app performs as per the expectations. They do not crash because of so much traffic.

Incorporating load generation software can assist in simulating immense loads. Usually, organisations use performance testing tools at this stage. The main challenges encountered during mobile testing are immense variety in platforms, networks and devices. The testing process must talk about performance issues arising as an outcome of these variations.

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Evaluation of All Transactions:

 Some of the transactions that include product searches are extremely network insensitive in comparison to others. It is very important to test these types of transactions across different devices and browsers. This is going to guarantee maximum transaction processing speed.

Some attention must be provided to each and every possible user path. We do not need to say it; in fact it is evident that important operations on the website fail. They have a negative impact on the sales target.

Cloud–based Testing:

Cloud technology offers very high scalability. It can rapidly mimic a huge amount of users as per the requirement without any extra hardware.

Majority of e-tailers do not expect repeated and sufficient performance testing. This is because huge costs are involved. Cloud testing makes the performance testing extremely affordable. This creates the possibility to test from various geographical locations with the least possible set up.

Why Is Extremely Significant?

·         It plays an important role in evaluating all the aims of the software

·         It sheds light on the loading time of the pages

·         It shows the usefulness of application on various devices

·         It conducts testing that is cloud based

Seven steps To Conduct Effective Performance Testing

There are ten basic steps in-order to conduct effective performance testing for e-commerce applications.

·         It is very important to authenticate the testing environment

·         Now, you must look at the performance acceptance standards

·         You must plan systematically and create the tests

·         Identification of the testing environment

·         Implementation of the planned and created tests

·         Start test execution at this stage

·         Understanding of the outcomes and reporting those results

Three Aspects That Must Be Considered During Execution of The Performance Testing

·         Evaluation of the geographical positions

·         Focus on mobile consumption·        

·         Evaluating the performing aspects of various transactions frameworks

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