4 Common Commercial Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Professional success is a foundational part of the American dream. If you’re a small business owner, this means growing your customer base and expanding your company. Once you make it to this point, you’ll probably need to find a new commercial space.

While this is certainly exciting and something to be proud of, it also introduces some new complications. Moving to new offices, retail spaces, or industrial spaces is hard work. It can also impact your business.

We want to help ensure everything goes smoothly. Keep reading for five common commercial moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Not Planning Ahead

One of the worst commercial moving mistakes you could make is waiting until the last minute to figure things out. Most commercial moves entail the relocation of products, equipment, supplies, files, and more.

Procrastinating the planning of this intricate dance could have several negative consequences. We recommend figuring out the logistics long in advance.

2. Failing to Prepare Your Customers and Clients

A cost of moving that many business owners forget to account for is customer fallout. When you move to a new location, it’s likely that you’ll lose some of your customers or clients.

Fortunately, you can prevent the worst of this by preparing your customers ahead of time. Send out mailers, emails, and notifications to all of the people who use your services or shop at your store. They need to know you’re moving to new offices or retail spaces, not falling off the face of the earth.

3. Trying to Handle the Move Yourself

Sure, packing office items seems simple enough, but how much work are you willing to put into the commercial moving process? Even if you can’t handle it on your own, it’s not necessarily appropriate to ask your employees to help with the move. That’s not what you pay them for.

Don’t make one of the worst commercial moving mistakes of trying to save money by foregoing professional movers. Instead, find a reliable and affordable moving company that specializes in commercial moves. They can ensure all of your equipment, supplies, furniture, and items get to their new destination safely.

Hiring commercial movers will also save you a lot of time, stress, and physical labor.

4. Letting the Details Slip Through the Cracks

Finally, one of the most important steps in the commercial moving process is tying up all your loose ends. Many business owners get distracted and let important details slip through the cracks.

Don’t forget to change your company’s mailing address. You can fill out a temporary change of address form or change it officially through the USPS website. We also recommend reaching out to the companies and people who send you mail to notify them of your new location.

Lastly, remember to turn off your utilities and services at your old location and activate them at your new address. Your company might not operate well without power, water, or heat.

Want to Avoid the Commercial Moving Mistakes Listed Above?

It’s easy to get caught up in the commotion and excitement of a commercial move. Keep your wits about you to avoid the commercial moving mistakes listed above. Follow our guide to ensure your moving success.

And if you’re looking for more small business advice or moving tips, you’re in the right place. Look through the rest of our blog to find more articles that stick out to you. Feel free to take advantage of all of our insightful content.

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