4 Colorado Travel Tips for Your Next Snowboarding Trip

Before the pandemic, over 1 million international tourists visited the state of Colorado in 2019. It’s a state known for its natural beauty, which brings many fun activities to do too!

Most importantly, the state’s a great place to go if you enjoy winter sports. If you’re an avid snowboarder, then you probably have Colorado on your bucket list.

Before you head out on a trip though, you’ll need to prep. That way, it’ll be as fun as possible, with few bumps in the road.

Read on for 4 Colorado travel tips you need to know!

1. Set Your Budget First

Planning a trip blindly won’t end well. You’ll either spend too much or need to sacrifice activities you had your heart set on.

Typically, a family of 4 will spend around $10,000 for a week-long snowboarding trip in Colorado. This can give you a ballpark range of how much you need to set aside. And it’s always good to put away more than you’ve budgeted so you’ll have more wiggle room.

2. Choose the Right Resort

Not all ski/snowboarding sorts are created equal. You need to take everyone’s snowboarding skills into consideration when picking one.

For example, if you’re bringing your little ones, then you’ll want to choose a resort that has good slopes for beginners. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble!

Always err on the side of caution and underestimate your abilities rather than overestimate. Slopes that are too challenging can be disheartening and cause people to sit out on snowboarding.

3. Arrange for Rentals if Needed

Some of you might already have your own snowboards, so you won’t need to worry about rentals. But if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of bringing yours, or you haven’t purchased one yet, then you’ll want to plan ahead.

Snowboard rentals can quickly run out during peak seasons, so before you travel to Colorado, make a reservation online first. Not only does this guarantee you’ll have a board waiting for you, but you can also get hefty discounts of up to 20% off!

4. Research Other Activities

You might be passionate about snowboarding, but doing it 24/7 on your Colorado trip can get old fast. Plus, you’ll need to rest up in between!

Fill your time with other fun activities that aren’t too strenuous. Try things like ice skating, dog sledding, apres-ski drinks and snacks, or even a relaxing massage to soothe your aching muscles.

You should also explore outside of your ski resort, as Colorado has so much more to offer than just winter sports!

Enjoy Colorado Travel

Colorado travel can be something special, especially if you’ve never been anywhere like this. And if you love winter sports, then you can’t go wrong with snowboarding in Colorado.

Just make sure you plan ahead and follow the advice we’ve laid out in this article. It’ll help make your vacation one to remember! Just make sure you plan ahead and follow the advice we’ve laid out in this article. It’ll help make your vacation one to remember!

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