3 Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

The idea of honouring mothers for the sacrifices that they make for their children originated in the 1900s. It’s a traditional that evokes loving memories that are often captured in photographs, and preserved in personalised photo albums that are long treasured as precious keepsakes and family heirlooms.

As Mother’s Day approaches you will find plenty of gift suggestions on display in retail shops and online stores. If you want to give your mum (or someone who has played an important mothering role in your life) a special gift this year, here are three inspired ideas for a present that is thoughtful and meaningful…

Something Handmade

Every mother loves to receive a gift that is specially made just for her. As a youngster, you probably handmade your mother’s day card at school for years, and presented it with a bunch of fresh spring flowers. If you’re artistically minded, you may have even made mum something out of pottery, or an alternative crafts material. If you are looking for unique gifts that look like your mother, custom bobbleheads will be the best choice.

Just because you’re now an adult, it doesn’t mean that you can’t revisit old ways and make something uniquely special for your mother. There are many gift options available that allow you to customise them with your own design or specifications. A custom paint-by-numbers kit transforms a favourite photo into an original piece of artwork that can be proudly displayed on any wall. You can either purchase the kit and paint it yourself to gift the one-of-a-kind art to mum, or gift wrap the kit and give it to her as a Mother’s Day present.

Browse through mum’s personalised photo albums in search of a happy memory photo. You’re bound to find one snapshot that everyone in your family loves. Choose an image of the family on holiday or celebrating a joyous event, or a favourite portrait of a much-loved family pet. Mum will be overjoyed to receive such a thoughtful gift that holds a special meaning in her heart.

Experience Gifts

Not all mothers are genuinely delighted about receiving another gift that they have to find a use or space for in the home. If your mum simply has too much ‘stuff’, avoid adding to the clutter by opting for an experience gift for Mother’s Day in 2022.

Spoil mum with an experience voucher that is valid for 12 months. An indulgent Spa package that includes a variety of treatments will make her feel pampered and adored. As this wellbeing experience is typically designed for two, you may even get lucky with an invitation to join mum as her plus one! Traditional afternoon tea for two, in a swanky luxury hotel or posh tearoom makes a great alternative. Remember to take some snaps of mum enjoying her special day, so that you can add them to the personalised photo albums that are passed down through family generations.

If your mother deserves a good night out, you could treat her to an experience voucher for a West End show or theatre production. Or wine and dine her at an acclaimed chef’s restaurant. She will love dressing up for the fine dining occasion.

There’s no need to worry if your budget won’t stretch to an expensive meaningful Mother’s Day gift. You can always use a commercial expensive gift as inspiration for you own DIY version… Plan a special day so that you can lavish attention on the lady who has done so much for you. Get out your recipe books and cook a three-course meal from scratch. Pair it with the finest wine in your price range. After dinner you can relax with mum and watch her favourite movie. To make this gift more meaningful, take the time to create a handmade voucher for your custom experience.

If you have a skill like cooking, gardening, beauty or massage therapy, these can easily present you with the perfect experience gift for Mother’s Day (birthdays and Christmas) every year.

A Personalised Keepsake

For some people, a gift isn’t a real present unless it’s something tangible that can be wrapped up and opened on the day of celebration. If you want to gift your mum something that she can cherish and treasure as a keepsake, it’s a lovely idea to choose a present that is meaningful. Mother’s Day gifts that are carefully chosen have the potential to become expensive in sentimental value over the years.

To find the ultimate customized mothers day gifts for your mum on Mother’s Day, consider her interests, things she enjoys, and what she loves to do for fun. Although you can certainly personalise just about anything these days, not all customised presents are created equal. Choose wisely and your mother will be delighted with your kind and generous gift for many years.

You can show mum how much she is loved by buying her a personalised photo frame, a beautiful glass jewellery box that is elegantly engraved, or a stunning piece of eternity jewellery, like a bracelet or a pendant on a chain.

Personalised photo albums make the perfect gift for all types of occasion, not just Mother’s Day. If your mum has stacks of photographs that are randomly stored away, encourage her to preserve them like a pro by gifting her a luxurious bespoke photo album that is embellished with her monogrammed initials or name on the cover. She can use the photo book to tell the story of her life, as captured in her favourite photographs of yesteryear.

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