3 Logo Design Tips for Your Business

Did know you know that the most expensive logo ever made was around $1.8 billion dollars for BBC? 

And that’s not even rated as one of the most recognizable, which are, by the way, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, and Amazon. 

So, how did these brands manage to create logos so iconic and memorable? Here’s a little secret, you don’t have to spend a billion dollars to create something incredible. 

Keep reading to find out 5 incredible logo design tips. 

Logo Design Tips for Your Brand 

Because it serves to develop the link between the company and the customers, a logo must be relevant to the industry in which it will be viewed and in its own way, unique.

It’s frequently at the heart of a brand strategy that necessitates innovation, design expertise, and flawless execution. Most businesses are willing to pay a lot of money for a good logo, but if you know your brand well enough, you can accomplish it for less money.

1. Find Inspiration 

Even if you’ve already settled on a creative design, it’s never a bad idea to see what other firms are up to. In fact, having a comprehensive understanding of other businesses’ work will aid you in determining how to differentiate your logo. You might also get ideas from well-known figures in different fields.

While stealing ideas and concepts is absolutely unacceptable, you looking at the logos of well-known companies can provide you with new ideas and a fresh vision of the direction you want your logo to take. 

2. Colors Matter 

Colors are extremely important in determining a brand’s message. If you select red as the primary color in your logo, for example, it will convey the notion that the brand is forceful, passionate, and dynamic.

This indicates that your company wants to appeal to young people. When blue is the dominant hue, it evokes sentiments of intelligence and unity. Investigate the significance of colors and how they may help your brand’s messaging and personality stand out, then utilize them effectively in your logo design.

3. Fonts And Readability 

It’s just as important to pick the correct font or typefaces for your logo. Check to see if the typeface goes well with the logo. While doing so, strive to think outside the box and avoid using common or standard typefaces.

You can also utilize show fonts that are extremely stylized and beautiful, as well as script fonts that resemble handwriting. Many designers just do not pay attention to typeface choices and choose them at random. Use simple fonts instead of flashy ones. Use custom typefaces that have been produced just for your logo if at all possible.

Remember, fonts need to be readable. Try it out on a few company apparel ideas and other mockups to see how easy it reads. 

Go Forth and Create Thy Logo! 

You’ve got these design tips down now and you’re ready to start the process of designing one that works just for your brand. 

Before you go to market with your design, it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion on your logo is perceived. 

Don’t go just yet, we’ve got more great design tips just waiting for you, all you have to do is type design into our search bar, go on! 

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