24 Awesome Gifts for Dog Lovers

It’s no secret that dogs are man’s best friend. Believe it or not, there are over 76 million dog owners in the United States alone, making them the most popular pet by a significant margin.

Luckily, that means that we are all bound to have a dog-lover in our lives, which means we can give extra special dog-themed gifts for the holidays. Let’s talk about the best gifts for dog lovers!

1. Dog Toys

Many of the items on this list are ways to commemorate the dog in their life. However, this one seeks to facilitate more memorable experiences between the dog and the owner. Remember, memories last a lifetime!

For example, frisbees and ball launchers are a great way to help facilitate bonding time between your loved one and their furry friend. You can even get creative and make some toys for them!

Unless it’s a puppy who needs all new gear, don’t get toys that only involve the dog unless it’s a gift for the dog. That’s like giving the owner doggy dental sticks!

2. Matching Equipment

Ruffwear dog harnesses, leashes, collars, or whatever you want! You can’t go wrong.

If your dog-loving friend has more than one dog or a buddy they have regular playdates with, then some matching hardware would make for some precious photo-ops.

Don’t want to use the same color? Don’t worry.

Pick a couple of colors that work together and that work with the dog’s fur or eye color! Alternatively, you can choose the favorite colors of the owners or whatever you want!

3. Pawprints

Pawprints are the perfect presents for dog lovers to have something to remember their pups. A pawprint can be formed in clay, inked on paper, or anything you want!

If you can manage to get some alone time with the puppy, you can sneak a pawprint from them in under a minute and get the present ready. Just remember to give the puppy a treat for their good work!

4. Framed Pictures

A framed picture is a moment of their furry friend captured in time and preserved for their entire life. This is an easy gift to get that will still mean a lot to your favorite pet owner.

If you can’t manage to borrow any photos from them without them noticing, then try to get a minute or two alone with the pup and snap a good photo! Always hold a treat near the lens and get them to look up.

You don’t even need a quality camera. Check out some tips on taking good pictures with a smartphone to ensure that it’s of the right quality, and don’t forget to give them that treat after!

Also, a framed photo is great for any time, but especially if the canine is still a puppy. The early years are some of the most memorable and deserve to be captured!

5. Photo Album

The hardest part is growing up. If you can get ahold of some pictures of their pup from their early days until the present, a photo album would be a very special gift for a very special owner.

When we spend so much time with our furry friends, it’s not as easy to visualize how fast they grow. Remind your loved one of all the wonderful stages they had with their dog with a personalized photo album. Just remember to pack tissues for the tears.

6. Portraits

The hardest thing about pet ownership is that pets don’t last forever. Fortunately, portraits do.

One of the best gifts you can give a dog-lover is personalized dog portraits to remember their pups forever. These come in all different shapes and sizes and bring a special flair to your gift that’s hard to beat!

A handmade portrait is different from a photo, offering a more stylistic and symbolic approach. Photos can be taken any time these days, but portraits are something special.

7. Dog Bowls

Custom (or otherwise cute) dog bowls are an excellent gift for a dog owner, especially if you can get them to match the owner’s aesthetic, the dog’s other equipment, eye color, or anything else.

Custom bowls can say the dog’s name, have a picture of the dog, or whatever else you want on them. Again, get creative!

8. Custom Dog Socks

Socks (or other articles of clothing) with a headshot or photo of the dog on them are a great way for your loved one to tell the world about their love of their puppy. Granted, they may do enough of this already, so offer them a conversation starter!

9. Custom Dog Apparel

Water bottles, thermos, keychains, and more. The options for dog-printed apparel are endless, as there are numerous custom-print services online that can put any picture onto just about any item.

10. Dog/Owner Matching Gear

How about a face mask for the human and a matching bandana for the pup? Matching scarves, sweaters, and more are also great ideas.

With some creativity and some online research, you’ll have no trouble finding the right product for the owner’s preferred aesthetic. Once again, you can match with their existing equipment, eye color, favorite color, or whatever you want!

This is a cute gift that will last throughout the owner’s life and will help them feel even more connected with their furry friends!

11. Pet Supplies Gift Card

If your loved one shops for pet supplies like most people do for themselves, then a gift card could be all that they need for the holidays. This way, you won’t have to choose from anything off this list yourself and instead give them the freedom to get whatever they want for their pup.

Also, you’ll be able to ensure that you stay within your price range. Ask your loved one (or someone close to them) what their favorite pet shop is and go there to get the right gift card for them.

12. Custom Tags

Dogs need tags in case they wander off, but tags don’t always last forever, especially if they aren’t engraved. Over time, the dog will be scratching at it and rubbing it on the bushes, which will wear out the lettering.

Because of this, you have the opportunity to fill that gap with custom tags! They can say whatever you want, but just make sure that the owner’s contact information is somewhere on it in case the dog gets lost. Beyond that, you can make the engravement special however you like!

13. Dog Welcome Mat

There are plenty of cute welcome mats with dog themes. “Baxter’s House”, “Beware of Dog Licks”, or “Don’t Ring, I Know You’re Here – Dog” are just a few examples.

This is a pleasant way to let visitors know that this is a dog-friendly household. You could also save the delivery people the stress of wondering if the dog is friendly or not!

14. Location-Tracker

GPS location-tracking collars are an excellent gift for pet owners, whether it’s for a cat or a dog. When we let our animals outside, there’s always a slight fear that they won’t return, so offer them the peace of mind they need.

These are usually battery-powered and controlled through your phone. The batteries typically last a long time and notify the owner when they are running low. If the product has those qualities, then it’s a perfect gift.

15. Dog Training Books

For a newer dog or a dog that’s soon to be theirs, a breed-specific training guide is an excellent gift, especially for new pet owners.

Even experienced pet owners could benefit from these books and learn how to teach their dogs new tricks, learn more traits about the breed of dog they are getting, and feel more in touch with their needs.

16. Dog-Lover Shirt

Again, let them tell their dog appreciation to the world without even opening their mouth! It doesn’t have to be pictures of their own pup, but there are plenty of great dog-lover t-shirts and sweaters available year-round.

17. Funny Dog Book or Calendar

There are plenty of funny books and calendars that show photos of dogs getting into hilarious trouble, holding funny signs, or doing otherwise goofy things. Material like this will have your dog-lover in stitches.

Also, these are especially great gifts for dog lovers who don’t have dogs due to housing constraints or other circumstances.

18. Treat Holders

Tins, jars, or whatever container you want. If you can make it match the aesthetic of the kitchen, then this will be a great gift for a dog owner if they don’t already have one!

19. Dog Camera

Once again, peace of mind is crucial to dog owners.

Dog cams are great for dog owners who spend a lot of time out of the house. Some of the cameras allow owners to speak to their dogs remotely or even give them treats as they see fit!

20. Dog Puzzles

Owners often feel bad for leaving their dogs home alone with nothing to do. Puzzles that offer dogs food are a great way to offer them their much-needed stimulation while their owners are away, and it will also help with peace of mind knowing that the dog is pre-occupied!

21. DNA Test

Yes, there are doggy DNA tests available to see what kind of dog they are. These are especially great for mix-breed dog owners, but it’s always great to know your family history!

22. Pet Massager

Another great way to facilitate quality time between the dog and the owner is with a pet massager. These are great for soothing a dog’s nerves and feeling more connected with its owner.

23. Car Seat Covers

Most owners love taking their dogs with them everywhere they go, but the fur poses some challenges. With special dog car seat covers, their puppy can move around and enjoy their time in the car without leaving a trace!

24. Robot Vacuum

Finally, something to help clean up after the dog that doesn’t require manual labor! Robot vacuums work independently and are great for picking up pet dander and fur. The owner will love it and the dog will love barking at it!

How to Wrap Gifts for Dog Lovers

If you’re thinking “with dog wrapping paper, obviously”, then we like your spirit! However, there are a few clever ways that you can use to make your dog-themed gifts a little extra special!

Double Down On the Theme

If you’re giving dog-related gifts to a serious dog-lover, then it’s okay to make it known! Chances are, all they want for the holidays is to make their furry friend happy, so using a dog gift bag, wrapping paper, or something with a photo of their dog will make it extra special.

Also, don’t forget the card. A dog-themed pun will certainly help spruce up the gift even more and give them a taste of what’s to come. If you’re going for dog-related gifts, you may as well go all the way with it!

Involve the Dog

Involving the dog during the present opening is a great way to make the present extra special. For example, you can put dog treats into the present and let the dog rip it up, have the dog bring the present to their owner, or whatever you want!

Happy Holidays to All the Pups Out There

Now that you know some great gifts for dog lovers, remember to shop as early as possible to ensure you get the gifts on time. Your loved one will certainly appreciate the effort! Stay up to date with our latest news by checking out our other articles today and checking back often to read new content.

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