14 Reasons to Retire in Florida

Did you know Florida is one of the top places to retire in America? If you want to learn about why you should consider moving to Florida, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over why you should retire in Florida.

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1. Friends and Family Will Visit

Heading to Florida won’t mean you are separate from your beloved family. When you move to Florida, many people will come to visit you.

Florida has so many hotels for people to check out. If you have room, you can host your friends and family.

2. You’ll Enjoy New Vacation Opportunities

People who choose to move to Florida will feel as if they are on a long vacation. You can go on a road trip and visit Miami.

Some people will head to a theme park in Orlando for the weekend. Others will enjoy the natural beauty of the Florida Everglades. You can choose a fast-paced lifestyle or enjoy the beaches in Florida.

3. Even Your Pets Will Love Florida

Most Florida cities will welcome pets. There are plenty of dog parks to check out. Some outdoor restaurants will also let pet owners bring their beloved dogs.

Don’t leave dogs unattended in a vehicle.

4. Enjoy the Sunshine

Florida’s nicknamed “The Sunshine State.” Florida has, on average, over 200 days of bright sunshine.

Don’t worry about harsh winters anymore. You’ll get to experience mild winters, warm summers, and cozy fall and spring seasons. There’s a rainy season between May to October.

Winter temperatures will range across the state, and the lows can be around 40 or 60. Yet, you’ll still enjoy a mild winter and lots of sunshine.

5. Seniors Get a Tax Break

For retirees who want to live in Florida, they can enjoy a tax break. You will get to keep more of your income, and there isn’t a state income tax.

The state doesn’t tax retirement income or Social Security benefits, and there aren’t inheritance or estate taxes.

Property taxes are also quite reasonable. The state is appealing to seniors who want to save money in their retirement.

6. Do You Love Beaches?

Travelers head to Florida to check out the world-famous beaches. Florida has miles of coastline stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Coast. The beaches in Florida have white and soft sand.

Check out Sanibel Island. It’s the top-ranked beach in Florida. Retirees will enjoy walking along the beach or exploring the lighthouse on Sanibel’s Island.

7. Enjoy a Rich Social Life

Seniors can remain social and active when they retire in Florida. Florida will attract seniors across the country, and retirees will make new friends and bond over their shared experiences.

Most people will connect with others on the new retirement adventure.

8. Remain Active

Florida retirement will allow people to relax and rest. Yet, retirees also enjoy different outdoor activities. You could explore the Everglades National Park.

Go diving with the manatees at Crystal River. Enjoy the beauty of Amelia Island and go on a horse riding expedition.

The beaches, climate, and the national park will allow seniors to have an active lifestyle. People become encouraged to try hiking, running, swimming, or even surfing.

9. Connect With a Senior Living Community

Florida has a massive senior population. You’ll have a chance to connect with different senior communities. Seniors will head to Florida before moving to a senior living community.

Moving to a community for adults over 55 will help new transplants make friends. They will make connections before they head to a senior community.

10. Travel Without Worries

Another benefit of Florida is that there are many international airports. Your friends and family will have an easy time visiting you.

Enjoy traveling with renowned airports.

11. What About Health Care?

If you choose to retire, you’ll have access to quality medical care and health services.

There’s a large concentration of seniors in the state. The state has some of the top doctors.

12. Culture and Arts

People get drawn to Florida for the beaches, scenery, and warm tropical climate. Yet, others see Florida as a melting pot of different cultures.

From galleries, concerts, restaurants, and art museums, you can enjoy all amenities.

13. What About Disney World?

People will feel young again when they get to go to Orlando. Disney World attracts millions of travelers every year. If you have young grandchildren, bring them to Disney World.

14. When Will You Move?

Florida is a spot to spend your golden years. You should look through your current expenses. How much do you pay each month? Will you have the same amount of costs in Florida?

How much will you spend on house maintenance, healthcare, utilities, and food? Once you determine your budget, you’ll have a better understanding of how much things will cost.

Think about what could get included in the retirement community you’re considering. A lot of Florida communities have different amenities.

You can get restaurant dining, housekeeping, home maintenance, social events, and gym memberships.

Your rate each month will depend on how much care you receive and the amenities that get used.

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Do You Want to Retire in Florida?

We hope this guide on retiring in Florida was helpful.

Retire in Florida if you want to live in a warmer and sunnier area. You might want to go to Florida for the beaches or flee the cold winter months. Determine your budget, and start looking for communities.

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